Best BPA Free Air Fryer in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Well, most people are now trying to use the best air fryers for cooking. Air fryers gain popularity in past few years because of the health awareness in people. Oil-fried foods have many side effects on our health.

According to, an air fryer cuts calories by 70% to 80% compare to deep-fried foods. Therefore, the air fryers cooking foods in the air fryer can be healthier. But, there is also an issue with air fryers.

Most of the air fryers come with a BPA compound to make a non-stick layer. The non-stick surface will protect the air fryer from rust and other damages. But, there are many harmful health effects of BPA material in our life.

It can lead to cancer as well. Therefore, using an air fryer with BPA is not good for your health. However, there are also some best BPA-free air fryers available on the market. These BPA-free air fryers are safe to use. They will not cause any side effects on your health.

In this article, you will find the five best BPA-free air fryers of 2021. The buying guide for a BPA-free air fryer is also included to make the purchasing process easier. If you are still using an air fryer with BPA then it’s time to change.

Do you want to avoid health problems caused by BPA material?

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What to Look in BPA Free Air Fryer While Purchasing – Buying Guide

Here we are going to break down some necessary features of the BPA free air fryer. You should check these features in BPA-free air fryers to find out the best one. Let’s check out those necessary features…


While buying the best BPA-free air fryer, the first thing you should consider is the size of the air fryer. An overfilled air fryer will not cook food properly. Therefore, the size of the air fryer is necessary to consider. e

If you have a big family, then you will need a larger air fryer with a large basket. However, if you want to save your money then you can purchase a smaller size BPA-free air fryer. The mall air fryers are perfect for couples and bachelors.

You can also purchase it if you are going to use an air fryer occasionally. But, if there are more than five people in your family, then you have to buy a large air fryer.

Built Quality of Air Fryer

Well, most of the air fryers are made of plastic material. However, the inner basket is made of metal. There are some stainless steel air fryers are also available in the market.

The air fryer made with cheap plastic can be dangerous for your health. The cheap plastic can leach out chemicals in the food. Also, make sure that the air fryer does not have BPA material.

The air fry should be made of durable and high-quality material. Some air fryers made with premium quality plastic are a bit durable. If you have a low budget then plastic air fryers are a great choice for you.

Some air fryers are also coated with Teflon or other harmful chemicals. This type of chemical can release toxins while cooking food. The air fryer made of stainless steel material and coated with ceramic are good options for you.

Easy Cleaning

The best BPA-free air fryer should be easy to clean as well for convenience. You will need to clean the air fryer after every use. Some air fryers come with removable drawers that make the air fryer much easy for cleaning.

Advanced Cooking Technology

Nowadays, most air fryers come with advanced cooking technology. The advanced air fryers come with 360° air circulation and rapid air circulation technology. These features will cook your food evenly from each side.

Some BPA-free air fryers also feature a digital control panel. The digital control panel allows you to adjust time and temperature. You can also control the features of the air fryer with a digital control panel. It will make cooking too easy for you.

Accessories with Air Fryer

Some air fryers come with a few accessories for different cooking modes. A few models come with accessories like mandoline, grill pan, heat resistance tongs, etc. However, you may need to pay a few extra bucks for these accessories.


You should also consider the price while buying the best BPA-free air fryer. The best air fryers are available in different sizes. The best BPA-free air fryers are available from $50 to $300. Its price also depends on the quality, size, and functionality of the model.

What is BPA?

Many of us may do not know about the BPA. The BPA means bisphenol-A. The BPA is a chemical compound used in products like food containers for coating. It is also used in baby bottles and other items.

It is used in food containers and other appliances to prevent the corrosion process of metal. The bisphenol-A was found in the 1890s. According to, some chemists found that BPA can be mixed with other compounds to make strong plastic during the 1950s.

What are the Side Effects of BPA?

There are many harmful side effects of BPA on human health. BPA can cause breast, ovary, and prostate cancer. According to research, BPA can mimic estrogen and other hormones.

It can interact with some cell receptors to promote cancer in the human body. BPA can also cause fertility issues in men and women. It can compromise the quality of eggs in women. There are also some serious health issues for men.

The BPA can also affect the male reproductive system. It can also affect child development while the woman is pregnant. BPA is also harmful to the human brain. A study proved that BPA prevents chloride removal from the central nervous system.

It can cause Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other disorders. BPA can cause diabetes and heart disorders. There is a higher risk of high blood pressure. You may also face some weight problems because of the BPA material. It will increase fat cell production in your body. Therefore you should avoid using products made with BPA.

Best BPA Free Air Fryer – Reviews

Cosori Max XL BPA Free Air Fryer with One Touch Screen


The cosori Max XL air fryer is well-known on amazon with more than 52K reviews. It is also amazon’s choice for a BPA-free air fryer. The air fryer is available in three colors black, burgundy red, and creamy white.

It comes with 13 one-touch cooking functions and rapid 360° air circulation. It will use up to 85% less oil than the deep frying methods without compromising the taste. If you have a large family, then the cosori air fryer is the best option for you.

The cosori max air fryer features a 5.8-quart square basket. You can feet whole 5-pound chicken in this basket. Its large basket allows you to cook the perfect amount of food for three to five people.

You can easily choose the one preset function with one easy tap. You can also adjust the time and temperature of the cooking function for your recipes.

Its large basket is removable, non-stick, and dishwasher safe. It is made of PFOA-free and BPA-free material. The air fryer takes less time than the conventional oven to produce crispy results. The air fryer also includes a shake reminder function.

User’s Critic

According to a user, the air fryer is big and high. So it will not fit in your small pan cabinet. Some users also complain that the air fryer is a bit louder. Its power cord is too short.

  • Easy to clean and use
  • Quick and convenient
  • Touch controls are responsive
  • Comes with a removable basket
  • Perfect for large families
  • Big and high in size
  • A bit louder and the cord small in size

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is the best option for large families. It is also available in an affordable price range. However, its size is large. You will need a larger cabinet to store it. There are no serious issues with this air fryer other than this.

Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital BPA Free Air Fryer


The chefman digital BPA free air fryer is also amazon’s choice with more than 6K reviews. It is also a perfect air fryer for large families. This versatile BPA-free air fryer comes with a digital touch screen display.

There are eight versatile preset functions like air fryer, rotisserie oven, and dehydrator. The digital display makes it easy to adjust all these preset programs. The chefman BPA-free air fryer comes with a 6-liter internal capacity which is perfect for large families.

There is also interior lighting that allows you to watch your food while cooking. The air fryer also comes with some accessories. It includes two airflow racks, rotisserie spit, and forks. These accessories are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

The frying basket is also dishwasher safe. You do not need to worry about cleaning with this high-quality air fryer. The chefman BPA-free air fryer will use 80% less oil than the deep frying methods.

There is an integrated air filter also included in the air fryer. It will give you an order-free kitchen. The chefman multi-functional air fryer will cook faster than the oven. It will not require preheating. You will also get one year warranty on this high-quality chefman BPA-free air fryer.

User’s Critic

A user says that some food particles can stick between the door and frame while removing trays. Some people also complain about its loud noise. However, the users are happy with the food that comes out.

  • Provides versatile options for cooking
  • Easy to use and control
  • It can hold a lot of food
  • Two racks allow the multi-position
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Food particles can stick between door and frame
  • Loud noise

Final Thoughts

The chefman BPA-free air fryer features lots of helpful features. It also comes with necessary accessories with the air fryer. You do not need to pay any extra for these accessories. The price is also affordable.

Mimoday BPA Free Air Fryer with 8 Quart Capacity


The highlighting feature of this air fryer is its large capacity. If you want an air fryer for parties, then this one is the perfect option for you. Its 8-quart capacity allows you to serve delicious dishes to 7 to 10 people.

The air fryer also comes with a 5.8-quart basket and an 8-quart square non-stick frying pan. You can fit three to four lbs of a whole chicken in this big non-stick pan. There are ten different touch menus including French fries, meat, vegetables, and many more.

You can start any preset program using the digital display. The digital display also allows you to adjust cooking time and temperature. It is also amazon’s choice for air fryer 8-quart or larger.

The mimoday air fryer cooks food faster and easier than the conventional ovens. The mimoday BPA-free air fryer also comes with an ergonomic handle and a nonslip food pad. According to the company, it is an all-in-one appliance.

You can use this air fryer as a deep fryer, a microwave oven, an electric oven, electric bakeware, and a toaster as well. It also comes with a detachable tray which is larger and easy to clean as well.

User’s Critic

According to a user, the mimoday BPA free air fryer releases some plastic order while using for the first time. Some people are also not happy because the air fryer requires a 3-pin plug. Otherwise, there are many positive reviews about this air fryer.

  • Nice and compact design
  • Large capacity
  • Perfect for families with more than 7 people
  • Easy to operate preset programs
  • Does not make a loud noise
  • Releases plastic odor while using the first time
  • Requires 3-pin plug

Final Thoughts

Well, the issues with this air fryer are not a big deal. You only need to make sure that there is a 3-pin plug in your kitchen. It is the best BPA-free air fryer for larger families with more than 7 members.

Chefman 4.5 Quart BPA Free Air Fryer


If you are looking for the cheapest air fryer, then this is the best model for you. It is the best BPA-free air fryer for small families. The company claims that the air fryer will use 98% less oil than the traditional fryers.

The chefman air fryer features are small size 4.5-liter non-stick basket. This non-stick basket is dishwasher safe. You can also clean it using soft sponges and cloths with warm soapy water.

There are also four preset programs in this BPA free air fryer. If we talk about its design, then it comes with a sleek, square shape and non-stick stainless steel finish. It is also compact.

The chefman also provides a one-year warranty on this affordable air fryer. Its cooking temperature ranges from 200-400°F. You can use this BPA-free air fryer for making vegetables, pizza, frozen foods, and other delicious dishes.

The air fryer features a LED shake reminder for even cooking. It also comes with an auto shut-off feature for safety. You can change the cooking temperature and time using single knob controls.

User’s Critic

The users say that the silver knob on the front is made of cheap plastic material. Also, the air fryer does not have any windows. You cannot see the cooking process. These two are issues with this air fryer.

  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly air fryer
  • Quick and silent
  • Too affordable price
  • Best for bachelors and couples
  • Rotating knob is made of cheap plastic
  • Does not come with any window

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is the best affordable BPA-free air fryer on our list. It comes with a 4.5-liter basket which is the perfect option for couples and small families. There is only one serious issue. It does not have any window to see the cooking process.

Comfee 3.7QT Air Fryer with 8 Menus


If you are looking for the cheapest air fryer, then the comfee air fryer is the best option for you. This cheap air fryer can reduce 90% oil and allows you to make delicious dishes. It also comes with eight selectable menus.

You only need to set the time and temperature for each menu. You can use this air fryer for making french fries, chicken wings, shrimp, fish, and cake. The comfee is also easy to clean.

You can clean this air fryer using soft sponges or damp clothes. The capacity of this air fryer is 3.7qt. Because of its small size, it is also easy to store.

The basket has a non-stick surface because that left residue will be left behind. There is a button guard on the non-stick basket. It will prevent accidental detachments. Moreover, the air fryer has a control knob.

You can control the features of the air fryer using these two knobs. The air fryer features rapid air circulation technology. This can also be the best gift option for you. There are also safety features in this air fryer. It comes with overheat protection and an auto shut-off system.

User’s Critic

Many users are not happy because of its small size. However, its size is perfect according to its price. Also, it takes more time to cook. Some users also say that this is not too easy to clean.

  • Worth the money
  • Easy to use
  • Small size
  • Perfect for bachelors and couples
  • Comes with eight cooking menus
  • Takes time to cook
  • Not too easy to clean

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is a good and cheap option to purchase. It is the best BPA-free air fryer for bachelors and couples. It may take time to cook delicious dishes. But, it will never overcook the food.

Kuppet 1700-watt Air Fryer Oven


The kuppet air fryer oven is a mid-range option for everyone. It requires 85% less cooking oil than deep-fried food. There is eight preset cooking program. These programs include steak, chicken, shrimp, seafood, French fries, vegetables, and cake.

You can control all these preset cooking programs using the digital one-touch screen. It also cooks food faster than the other air fryers. The kuppet air fryer uses 360° air circulation for faster cooking.

The air fryer features a large and detachable non-sick basket. You can easily separate the basket for cleaning. It allows you to cook different dishes because of the wide temperature range from 85°F to 400°F.

The size of this air fryer is 7-quart size. It is an ideal air fryer for at least five to seven people. A 6lbs chicken can easily fit in this large air fryer. Moreover, the air fryer comes with a cooking timer. You can adjust the cooking timer according to your recipe.

It is also an easy to clean air fryer. There is also an alarm in this air fryer. You can set the alarm to shake or flip the food.

User’s Critic

Some users are saying that the air fryer is way too loud. The beeping sound is too loud. A few users are saying that the accessories are not included in this air fryer.

  • Cooks food faster
  • Worth the money
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Makes crispy dishes
  • Comes with an alarm system
  • Way too loud
  • Accessories are not included

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and large air fryer, then the kuppet 1700-watt air fryer is the best option for you. It comes with some unique features like an alarm. Some users say that the air fryer is too loud. But, it is not a big issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How does an air fryer work?

A – Well, many people think that air fryers fry the food. But, the air fryer does not fry the food. The air fryers circulate hot air around the food. It will make food’s outer layer crispy and brown like the deep frying method.

The air fryer works like a convection oven. These air fryers use 70% to 80% less oil compare to the deep frying methods. Therefore, the air fryers are healthier than the BPA-free air fryer.

Q – How to clean an air fryer?

A – Cleaning your air fryer is necessary to keep it long-lasting. But, you will need to take care of some points while cleaning the air fryer. You should not use abrasive sponges or steel wire brushes to remove food particles.

Make sure that the air fryer is not hot or warm while cleaning. You can clean the basket and pan with hot soapy water. If the basket and pan are dishwasher safe, you can use the dishwasher to clean them.

To clean the interior of the air fryer, use a microfiber cloth and dish soap. You can clean the heating element using a sponge. Let the air fryer dry for a few minutes. After that, you can assemble the removable parts.

The removable pars should also be dry. You can check the user guide to know how often to clean the air fryer. It will be great if you can clean it after every use. However, it is not necessary. You can clean it after a few uses.

Q – Do air fryers use a lot of electricity?

A – No, the air fryer does not use a lot of electricity. According to, on average, an air fryer uses 1,400 and 1,700 watts of electricity.

Q – What you cannot cook in an air fryer?

A – Well, there are a few things that you should not cook in an air fryer. You cannot cook butted foods in the air fryer. It will create a mess in the air fryer and won’t set perfectly. Do not put cheese in the air fryer. The air fryer will melt the cheese and create too much mesh. You can check out this article to get the best recipes for air fryers.

Q – Can you fry bacon in an air fryer?

A – Yes, you can fry bacon in the air fryer. But you will need to set the proper temperature to cook bacon. Also, the air fryer should be clean while cooking bacon. You can cook bacon at 350°F temperature.

Final Verdict

We found many articles that say that air fryers are not perfect for large families. But, many air fryers come with large capacity and are perfect for large families. We have reviewed some best air fryers on this list which are best for more than 5 people.

Yes, there are a few disadvantages of air fryers. But, it is wrong that air fryers are not best for large families. Because of the size, the air fryers can take more space in your kitchen. Another disadvantage is you will need to learn how to use an air fryer. However, most air fryers are easy to use. If you follow the cooking guidelines provided by the manufacturer then you can easily learn it.

So that’s it for now. See you soon…

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