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The best candy thermometer America’s test kitchen is one of the helpful tools for cooking. The candy thermometer is also popular as a sugar or jelly thermometer. It is a handy tool that helps you to monitor the temperature of food while cooking.

The candy thermometer becomes necessary when you are cooking something like caramels and fudge. There are also meat thermometers available in the market. But, making fudge, toffee, the lollipop is quite different.

Therefore, the best candy thermometer in America’s test kitchen is necessary. But, how will you find the best candy thermometer? There are dozens of models and manufacturers. There are some things that you should know before buying a candy thermometer.

In this post, we will give you a buying guide on the best candy thermometer. You will also find some best candy thermometers further in the article. You must read this post if you are looking for the best candy thermometer.

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Things to Consider While Buying Best Candy Thermometer – Buying Guide

It is difficult to find the best candy thermometer. But, it is easy if you have enough knowledge about the features and specifications of a candy thermometer.

You have to research a lot to get the best thermometer that is compatible with your requirements. Here are some necessary features that you should check while buying a candy thermometer.

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Types of Candy Thermometer

There are two types of candy thermometer analog thermometer and digital thermometer. Let’s discuss them.

  • Analog Candy Thermometer


The analog candy thermometer is a traditional and old type. There are also three types of analog thermometer dial, pyrex, and ruler. The dial thermometers come with manual calibration nuts.

These candy thermometers feature a stainless-steel large dial. There are no marked points in the dial thermometer. The pyrex thermometers are made from glass and look like a tube. All pyrex thermometers have a clip attached to the top.

The ruler thermometers are made from stainless steel. It comes with a handle and marked points for making candy.

  • Digital Candy Thermometer


The digital candy thermometer is the modern type of thermometer. There are two types of digital thermometer steel and laser. The digital thermometers are easy to use and read. It comes with a digital display that shows the temperature.

These digital thermometers also feature auto shut-off, a back-light screen, an alarming sound. The laser thermometer uses the laser to know the temperature.

It can show accurate temperature without touching the liquid. Digital thermometers are more accurate than analog thermometers.

Working Mechanism of Candy Thermometer

The second thing to check in the candy thermometer is the working mechanism. If you are a new user of a candy thermometer, you should see videos on the working mechanism of a candy thermometer. There are many YouTube videos available related to this.

You will also find the working mechanism of a particular thermometer on amazon. It will help you to get an idea about the uses of any thermometer. If you feel comfortable with the working mechanism, then you can make the purchase.

Brand Value

The brand value is the third thing that you should check before purchasing a thermometer. It makes your purchase much easier. If the brand is popular and well-known, then it can be a bit expensive.

But, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the thermometer. We will suggest you purchase a thermometer from a well-known and experienced brand. You can check customer reviews about after-sales services and customer services of the company.


It is one of the most important things to consider while buying the best candy thermometer in America’s test kitchen. There are some features common in all candy thermometers. Those features are necessary.

Some features come in a specific thermometer from a specific brand. You should all these features and find one that suits you best.

Clip-on or Handheld Thermometer

The clip-on thermometer comes with a clip and metal clamps that attach the thermometer to pans. These clips are adjustable and it is easy to adjust. Make sure that the tip of the thermometer is not touching the pan. It will result in inaccurate readings.

Also, check the quality of the clip otherwise the thermometer will fall into the liquid. On the other hand, handheld thermometers are faster. These thermometers are specially designed to take quick readings.

However, you cannot attach it and leave it on the pan. Therefore, it is not the best option for recipes that require perfect temperature. You have to hold the thermometer on the hot pot for a long time. It is not safe. A clip-on thermometer is a safe option.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best way to understand the potential of a product. You should check customer reviews buying candy thermometers. Make sure to check all positive and negative reviews.

It will tell you all the good and bad sides of the candy thermometer. If the ratings are more than 3.5 or 4 stars, then it is a nice product to purchase. Never purchase a new thermometer or thermometer that has less than 3-star ratings.


The price depends on the brand and type of the thermometer. If you are going to purchase a high-quality thermometer with an extra feature, then the price will be a bit higher. Do not go behind the low price. Otherwise, you will have a low-quality thermometer.

You should compare prices on different online shopping sites. It will give you a better product at an affordable price range.


A thermometer is usually a small tool that your kitchen needs. You can easily store this tool anywhere. It will not take much space. But, the size of the thermometer should be easy and comfortable to hold. It should not be too small that it slips out of your hand. It should not be too large that you cannot hold it stable.

Best Candy Thermometer America’s Test Kitchen – Reviews

Polder Candy Thermometer with Pot Clip


The polder candy thermometer is amazon’s choice for the best candy thermometer. It is a best seller on amazon with more than 14K reviews. The polder candy thermometer comes with 6 temperature zones on the display.

It has deep fry, thread, softball, hardball, soft crack, and hard crack stages. The display is large and easy to read. There is an insulated handle on the top that is cool to touch. It does not retain heat.

The polder candy thermometer can give an accurate temperature between 30C to 200C. It is the best temperature range for making chocolates, jams, creams sauces, deep-frying, and more.

The candy thermometer also comes with a pot clip attachment. It allows you to attach the thermometer to the side of the pot. It will hold the thermometer stable and in place. The polder thermometer is made with rust-resistance stainless steel. It is also a dish-washer safe thermometer.

The price of this candy thermometer is under $10. It is not a too expensive thermometer. However, the full original pack version is a bit pricy. But, there is no difference between the two versions.

  • User’s Critic

The users are facing two issues with this polder candy thermometer. First, the glass of the thermometer is prone to break. The polder candy thermometer cannot read the temperature if the pot is under 8” inch height.

  • Easy to read
  • Comes with a pot clip
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Flexible to use
  • Insulated handle
  • Glass is brittle
  • Takes time to read the temperature
  • Final Thoughts

Overall, it is a nice candy thermometer with a pop clip. The glass is brittle, but it will not break if you use it carefully. It is a versatile thermometer you can use flexibly. Also, time does not matter accuracy matters. The polder candy thermometer is 100% accurate.

CDN DTC450 Digital Candy Thermometer


If you are looking for a digital candy thermometer, then the CDN DTC450 is the best choice. It is also amazon’s choice for a digital candy thermometer. There are more than 3K reviews on amazon.

The CDN digital thermometer requires a 1LR44 battery. These batteries are included. It has a large and easy-to-read display. The temperature range of this digital thermometer is around 40F to 450F.

It features seven pre-programmed candy stages and one all-purpose temperature setting. The thermometer comes with a high-quality display that shows two temperatures. It will show you the temperature that you have set and the current temperature.

You can also set your desired temperature in this digital thermometer. The digital thermometer will alert you if the temperature goes down or high than your desired temperature. There is a heat shield that protects the thermometer head from hot liquids.

The digital candy thermometer also features an adjustable stainless steel clip. You can easily attach the thermometer to the pan. It is not dishwasher safe. But, you can wipe clean with a damp cloth.

  • User’s Critic

According to users, the thermometer is great but still, there are two issues. The digital thermometer does not come with an off button. There is no backlight on the display. It makes it a bit harder to read the temperature.

  • Comes with a wide temperature range
  • Features storage shield
  • The beep alert is convenient
  • Adjustable and dual positioning clip
  • Made with stainless steel material
  • Does not have an off button
  • No backlighting on the display
  • Final Thoughts

If you have the budget then you must purchase this digital thermometer. The backlight is the only feature missing in this thermometer. Of course, the price will be a bit higher than the first one as it is a digital thermometer with extra features.

BBQGO Foldable & Digital Candy Thermometer America’s Test Kitchen


The BBQGO BG-HH1C is a foldable and versatile candy thermometer. It is a useful digital thermometer for multiple uses. The BBQGO candy thermometer is ideal for meat and liquid like milk, hot water, coffee, etc.

It is simple to use and operate. Open the thermometer to turn it on and fold it back to turn it off. There is an internal magnet that keeps the probe in place.

It is a quick-reading thermometer. This candy thermometer shows accurate temperature only in 3 to 6 seconds. The probe of this candy thermometer is made from food-grade stainless steel. It does not come with any clips to attach the thermometer with a pan.

However, the probe is long enough. Your hands will not burn while measuring the temperature. It has a wide temperature range from 50C to 300C. It supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit units.

The company also provides you with 12 months warranty on this digital candy thermometer. It is a battery-powered candy thermometer. It requires 1 Lithium metal battery. The batteries are included with the thermometer.

  • User’s Critic

The users are saying that there are no batteries included with the digital candy thermometer. On the other hand, the company says that batteries are included. The BBQGO digital candy thermometer has no backlight on the display.

  • Has magnetic properties
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Value for money
  • Multiple uses
  • Gives results quickly
  • Batteries are missing
  • No backlight
  • Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an affordable digital candy thermometer, then this is for you. The thermometer comes with an internal magnet that allows you to stick it on the grill, refrigerator, etc.

Escali AHC1 Analog Candy Thermometer America’s Test Kitchen


If anyone is looking for an analog candy thermometer, then the escali AHC1 thermometer is best for you. It has around 1K reviews on amazon. The escali AHC1 candy thermometer comes with a 5.5” inch long probe.

Also, there is a vessel clip to attach the thermometer to the pan. Because the probe is long, you can check the temperature without attaching the thermometer. The temperature range of this candy thermometer is from 40C to 260C.

The escali AHC1 comes with a 2.5-inch large dial that is easy to read. It features both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. There is an adjustable target temperature marker as well.

You can put that marker on your desired temperature. It’s a quite handy feature. The thermometer is made with durable stainless steel material. You can use it in an oven and grill without any worries.

It also has temperature zones that indicate jelly, softball candy, firm ball candy, hardball candy, caramel, and deep-frying temperature. The company also provides a two-year warranty on this thermometer.

  • User’s Critic

The users say that sometimes the thermometer cannot provide an accurate rating because the probe touches the pot while attached to the pot. Also, there is no rubber grip to remove the thermometer from the pan.

  • Gives accurate temperature
  • Comes with a long probe
  • It has an adjustable target temperature marker
  • Two-year warranty
  • Too cheap price
  • Because the probe cannot provide accurate results sometimes
  • No rubber grip
  • Final Thoughts

The Escali AHC1 is also the cheapest analog thermometer on this list. But, it provides the best features at a low price. However, the probe may touch the pan when attached which can affect the accuracy. Otherwise, it is a great candy thermometer.

Silicone Digital Candy Thermometer With Clips


The silicone digital candy thermometer is a kit of the thermometer, clips, and a cover for storing. It will cost you around 20$. The silicone fast-read digital thermometer can monitor the temperature while cooking chocolate, candy, cream, etc.

It comes with two thermometer clips. If you lose one, you can use an extra clip. The silicone digital candy thermometer is made with stainless steel and silicone material. It is a durable and solid thermometer clip.

You can easily clean the thermometer using water and a cotton cloth. There are easy-to-use buttons that make the thermometer easy to operate. There are two buttons one for on/off and another for temperature unit (F/C).

You can attach it to any pot and pan. It will not scratch your appliance. The height of this silicone thermometer is around 12.5 inches. It is suitable for baking or making sauce, jam, steak, and meat as well. It is not much popular but a nice option to buy.

  • User’s Critic

According to the users, the digital candy thermometer shows accurate temperature. It is sturdy enough to withstand high heat. Also, it does not get hot. However, some users are complaining about the quality. They say it is a cheaply made thermometer. There are both positive and negative reviews about the product.

  • Shows accurate temperature
  • It will not get hot
  • Comes with two clips
  • Long probe
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to operate buttons
  • Negative reviews about the quality of material
  • Final Thoughts

The silicone candy thermometer has many positive reviews. But, the negative reviews make us confused. Most negative reviews are about the material. However, the silicone and stainless steel both are durable and rust-proof as well.

Frequently Asked Questions : Americas Test Kitchen Candy Thermometer

Q – Can I use an instant-read thermometer for candy?

A – Yes, there are no big differences between the temperature range of the candy thermometer and the instant-read thermometer. But, the instant-read thermometer is not useful for tasks like boiling sugar or deep-frying. An instant-read thermometer cannot measure too high a temperature.

Q – Is a candy thermometer the same as a food thermometer?

A – Usually, both thermometers are the same and designed for the same purpose. But, the candy thermometer can accurately read higher temperatures. For making candy, you will require a thermometer that has a wide temperature range.

Q – Should the candy thermometer touch bottom of the pan?

A – If you are using a digital thermometer, then make sure that the probe is not touching the pan. It can affect the accuracy of the thermometer and will result in the wrong reading.

Q – Can a candy thermometer break?

A – The candy thermometer comes in different styles and designs. Some candy thermometers are made of glass. Therefore, it can shatter or crack easily. You should prefer to go with a stainless-steel thermometer. Never use a thermometer that is broken.

Q – Can use wash a candy thermometer?

A – Yes, you can wash a candy thermometer. Some candy thermometers are dish-washer safe as well. Also, it is necessary to wash them after every use. You can wash with hot and soapy water.

Q – Can a digital thermometer get wet?

A – Yes, water can damage your digital thermometer. It can short-circuit the electronic parts of the thermometer. However, high-quality digital thermometers are water-proof. There are fewer chances of short-circuit in a high-quality thermometer.

Q – Can I use a laser thermometer for candy?

A – The laser thermometer takes reading from the surface of the candy. Because of that, they are not 100% accurate. Therefore, it is better to use an analog candy thermometer or a digital candy thermometer.

Final Verdict

The best candy thermometers in America’s kitchen are the only tools that can give accurate temperature. These candy thermometers are specially designed for making candy, chocolates, etc. Laser or infrared thermometers cannot provide accurate readings like candy thermometers.

These five candy thermometers are the best candy thermometer America’s test kitchen. Make sure to follow our buying guide while choosing the best model from this five. That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check out other product reviews on this website.

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