Best Dutch Oven for Bread in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Do you want to bake bread at home with the best dutch oven for bread? Well, most people order bread from restaurants or bakery. However, you can make bread at home with a Best Dutch Oven for Bread.

But, people think that is a difficult process to bake bread with dutch ovens. Baking bread in a dutch oven is too simple as well. If you use it carefully, then the dutch ovens are an excellent option for bread.

Many of us may have a question what is a dutch oven? How dutch oven works? What size dutch oven is best? I have put all information at the end of the article. Also, after long research, I have found the seven best dutch ovens for bread baking.

I am going to review those ovens in the article to make your purchase convenient. During this COVID-19 situation, everyone prefers freshly bake bread at home. Do you?

Then continue reading…

Best Dutch Ovens for Bread Baking

Lodge Double Dutch 5 Quart Dutch Oven



The lodge double dutch oven for bread baking is a 5 Quart American made cast iron dutch oven. The dutch oven comes with a 10.25-inch lid. This is a double performance lid; it can convert into a 10.25-inch skillet.

You can make stews, bread, and many more with this double performance lid. It is made of cast iron. Cast-iron ensures the durability and longevity of the dutch oven. Its durable double performance lid makes the oven versatile.

The lodge double dutch cast-iron oven is pre-seasoned and ready to use. This lodge double dutch oven is perfect for a sear, sauté, simmer, braise, bake, roast, and drying. It’s pre-seasoned and non-stick design ensures non-stick operation.

The lodge five-quart dutch oven is washable as well. You can wash this cast iron oven by hand with soap. Then dry it promptly with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.  You can also rub a light layer of vegetable oil if the oven is warm.

It comes with two loop handles that provide secure control. The loop handle also allows you to hang the lid in a dry place. The price of the cast iron dutch oven is low according to its quality and feature. You can use it for bread baking without any concerns in your mind.

Most people are happy with this cast iron oven. However, some people have common issues about this dutch oven for bread baking. First, people are complaining about the shipping. According to them, the product was not well packed. Some people find that this oven can easily rust. However, it is made of cast iron. It should not get rust.

  • Made of cast iron
  • Double performance lid
  • Perfect sourdough bread oven
  • Great to use individual
  • Smooth lid
  • Excellent non-stick design
  • Versatile and excellent quality
  • Can be rust
  • Poor finish
  • Shipping issues


Final Thoughts

Overall nice and perfect dutch oven for bread baking. Its price is also low. Beginners who haven’t bake bread anytime can purchase this high-quality dutch cast iron oven. However, the issue of rust is rare to see.

Lodge 6-Quart Enameled Dutch Oven for Bread


The lodge 6-quart dutch oven for bread is a bit price than the first one. However, it is more popular than the 5-quart double dutch oven. The lodge 6-quart oven has more than 17K reviews on amazon.

Do you a bigger cast iron dutch oven? Okay, wait. The lodge enameled dutch oven is available in six sizes from 1.5 quarts to 7.5 quarts. According to size, this model is perfect for everyone.

The enameled cast iron allows you to use the oven for preparing and serving meals as well. Do you know what porcelain enamel on cast iron is? Well, the porcelain enamel is glass bonded on the cast iron.

The capacity of this 6-quart Dutch oven is 5.6 liters. Cast iron dutch oven has excellent heat distribution and retention capacity. In this cast iron oven, you can cook food without wasting much time. For better cooking, you can use vegetable oil or cooking spray.

The ledge 6-quart dutch oven is durable and long-lasting. However, the porcelain (Glass) can be chipped if dropped. This is not covered by warranty. So be careful about this while using the oven.

Many reviews are telling that this is a made in china product. However, its price is okay. People are saying that there is a symbol of “made in china” on the box of the oven. Chinese products are too popular for their ability to break easily. That is why there are many negative reviews related to this issue.

  • Made of enameled cast iron
  • Great for repertoire
  • No scorch marks after cooking
  • Value for money
  • Heats evenly
  • Works great for many recipes
  • Little bit heavy
  • May be made in china
  • Rubber clips are easy to lose


Final Thoughts

Some reviews are telling that the oven is “made in china” However, some users are also reviewing that it is “made in America” If it is “made in America”, then no worries about durability. However, not all Chinese products are cheap but some Chinese products are also durable.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven for Bread Baking



Le Creuset is a premium and expensive brand of kitchenware. The Le Creuset dutch oven is the most expensive on this list. It is specially made for home cooks and professional chefs alike.

The dutch oven is made of cast iron for superior heat distribution and retention. It is ready to use, doesn’t requires seasoning. You can use this cast iron dutch oven with any heat sources such as gas, electric solid plate, induction, etc.

The Le Creuset dutch oven is also a porcelain enameled dutch oven for bread. It comes with 45% larger handles that ensure a better grip with oven mitts as well. If you are using gas stoves, then always lift the pan, do not slide it. It can damage the pan.

The le Creuset dutch oven is easy to clean. Because of durable enamel, it will get stains. Also, you do not need to worry about dulling, chipping, and cracking. The dutch oven comes with tight-fitting lids that circulate the heat and cook food faster.

You can wash this Le Creuset dutch oven in a dishwasher as well. But make sure it is cool before washing. While washing, be careful about enamel because of thermal shock enamel oven can be crack.

Users have two main issues with this dutch oven. The dutch oven too heavy. It is hard to wash and hold. Second is you have to be much careful about enamel. Enamel can crack easily. To prevent this, follow the instruction given by the company.

  • Available in unique colors
  • Best dutch oven for bread backing
  • Easy to clean
  • Great to cook anything
  • Worth the money
  • Durable and looks great
  • Too costly
  • Heavy as well


Final Thoughts

Overall, the Le Creuset dutch oven is costly, but it worth the money. It is “made in America” that ensures the durability of this dutch oven. Usually, the enameled ovens are heavy, but this doesn’t matter a lot. However, you have to keep this oven like a glass oven.

AmazonBasics Enameled Dutch Oven for Bread



AmazonBasics dutch oven is also in the race of best dutch oven for bread. The AmazonBasics dutch oven is available in different sizes from 4.3 quarts to 7.5 quarts. You can use this dutch oven for baking, boiling, braising, or roasting.

It is a versatile enameled oval dutch oven for bread. The dutch oven is also covered with a porcelain enamel and cast iron. You can use this dutch oven on all cooking surfaces. You can heat this cookware up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The enamel-covered oven doesn’t have a non-stick function. Because the enamel vegetables will not lose their flavor. The enamel makes the oven the perfect choice for cooking, marinating, and storing food.

The dutch oven also has a secure and tight-fitting heavy lid that helps to cook food faster. For safety, cook food on low or medium heat. Always add water or vegetable oil before cooking.

Try to avoid metal spoons because it can break or scratch the enamel. You can clan it with soapy water. Do not use citrus-based cleaners to protect exterior gloss. The AmazonBasics dutch oven is not safe for the dishwasher.

There are two issues that I have found in these dutch ovens. The AmazonBasics dutch oven is not nonstick like nonstick pans. You can wash most of the dutch ovens in the dishwasher. However, you cannot clean this in a dishwasher. The most negative review is about chipping. It can chip easily.

  • Great quality for the price
  • Durable and beautiful
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Versatile dutch oven
  • Induction stove friendly
  • Chipping issue
  • Not nonstick


Final Thoughts

According to my, this is the best dutch oven for bread at this price. It offers a lot more at less cost. However, there is a chipping issue, but you can avoid this by not using metal spoons while cooking.

Puricon 5.5 Quart Dutch Oven For Bread Baking


Best Dutch Oven for Bread Baking

The Puricon is an affordable dutch oven made with heavy-duty cast iron. You can use this dutch oven for bread baking, braise, broil, sauté, simmer, and roast. The heavy-duty cast iron is coated with porcelain enamel.

Heavy-duty cast iron and the porcelain enamel makes the dutch oven more safe and easy to use. It is safe to heat the Puricon dutch oven to 540 degrees F. The Puricon oven has a 5.5 Quart capacity. You can use this oven on any cooking surface.

It is not suitable for a dishwasher. You have to clean it by hand with warm water. The Puricon dutch oven for bread comes with a perfect-fitting lid that keeps the food moisturized. It comes with a convenient handle that makes it easy to hold and carry.

This is a 10.2 inch wide and 4.7-inch deep dutch oven. You can use it to make cook medium-sized sourdough bread. The Puricon cast iron dutch oven is available in three different colors black, blue, and red.

However, Puricon is not so knowable brand. But if you want an average quality dutch oven for bread, then this can be great for you.

Some users are having issues because of weight, and some are having problems with chipping. However, both are common issues in every dutch oven. Especially the enameled dutch ovens will be quite bulky than others.

  • Perfect size for sourdough
  • Available at affordable price
  • Safe and easy cooking
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Nice looking
  • Quiet heavy
  • Chipped easily
  • Enamel is not so durable


Final Thoughts

I found lots of reviews about chipping and heavyweight. These two are the most common issue in the enameled dutch oven. You have to be aware of these for every enameled dutch oven. Otherwise, it is the best pan for baking sourdough bread.

Lodge 5 Quart Dutch Oven for Bread Baking


Best Dutch oven for bread

The Lodge 5-quart dutch oven is pre-seasoned and ready to go dutch oven. It is a classic dutch oven for preparing and serving meals. The lodge 5-quart dutch oven is seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. The company has not used any synthetic coatings or chemicals.

The quality of seasoning will get better according to the use of the iron dutch oven. This is a versatile dutch oven. Not only bread, but you can also cook any type of recipes in this 5-quart dutch oven.

You can heat this oven to any temperature. It is unparalleled in heating. You can use the lodge oven on the stove, on the grill, or the campfire as well. If you are going to travel to a forest area then you can have this oven with you.

With this oven, you can cook delicious dishes on the campfire. The lodge 5-quart dutch oven also available in different sizes from 2 quarts to 7 quarts.  It has a 5.7 liters capacity. While washing this dutch oven do not use a steel brush for food sticking.

You can use a scotch bright brush to scrub and remove food sticking. This 5-quart dutch oven is the best dutch oven for bread baking.

A horrible issue I have found in reviews. According to a buyer, there is a highly metallic taste to all food cooked in the lodge 5-quart dutch oven. There are higher chances of rusting, so you will require lots of care and maintenance. Moreover, I found a common issue of heavyweight.

  • Loaf shape bread
  • Comes with 12-inch tempered glass
  • Perfect size
  • Great for cooking rice as well
  • Heats well and balanced
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful and highly functional
  • Poor quality of seasoning
  • Highly metallic taste
  • Requires care and maintenance


Final Thoughts

Overall, it is a durable and affordable 5-quart dutch oven from Lodge. However, I have found a weird metallic taste. If it is true, then it can affect the taste of your favorite meal. It will require more care and maintenance. But if you can avoid these issues, then it is a great choice.

Camp Chef Classic 12 inch Dutch Oven Bread


The camp chef classic dutch oven comes with a 12 inch outside diameter. It has a 6 quart round dutch oven for bread baking. The camp chef dutch oven is the biggest oven on our list.

It is also made of cast iron. The camp chef dutch oven is a true seasoned finish cast iron oven. If you are looking for a wide and deep cast iron oven then this is the best 12-inch dutch oven bread. It also has a 3.8-inch depth.

The camp chef’s classic oven comes with a convenient loop handle on the lid. Its tight lid allows you to cook faster and testy. The camp chef dutch oven will come with an oven starter booklet and seasoning tips.

It is a pre-seasoned dutch oven and ready to cook. After a few uses, the season will become better. Its weight is 20lbs which is also lightweight than others. The camp chef cast iron is easy to use and maintain.

Users are worried about seasoning. Some users are complaining that the seasoning seems a bit weak. A user says that the wire handle came undone frequently. You have to bend the loop handle.

  • Great for a camping trip
  • 12 inches wider and 3.8 inches deeper
  • Can be used for campfires
  • Made with great quality steel
  • The best pan for baking sourdough bread
  • Seasoning seems a bit weak
  • Wire handle came undone frequently
  • Too heavy


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a 12-inch dutch oven bread then there is no other best choice than the camp chef. However, the seasoning looks a bit weak. But according to its price the seasoning is perfect. You will also get tips for seasoning with the oven.

Things to Consider before Buying Dutch Oven – Buyer’s Guide

Because there are many models of dutch ovens, it becomes difficult to choose the best dutch oven for bread baking. Before you make the choice of any oven, read this buying guide. It will help you to find out the best dutch oven for bread.

In this buying guide, I have included types of dutch ovens, which size dutch oven for bread many more. Do you want to make your purchase easier?

Then read my buying guide…

Types of Dutch Oven

The dutch ovens are available in two different types: cast iron and enameled cast iron dutch oven.

  • Cast iron dutch oven
Cast Iron

The cast iron dutch ovens are well known for superior heat distribution and retention. Cast iron helps to cook food quickly with high heat distribution.

However, it will require too much care and maintenance. You should use vegetable oil before cooking the food. Seasoning is also necessary for cast iron dutch oven.

  • Enameled Cast iron dutch oven
Enameled Cast Iron

The enameled cast iron is a coating of glass on cast iron. A particular glass is applied to a cast iron vessel and heated up at a high temperature from 1200 and 1400° F. When the glass melts, it becomes bonded to the cast iron.

Some companies also use aluminum or ceramic to enamel the glass. Enamel cast iron requires low maintenance. However, you cannot use an enamel dutch oven at high temperatures. Also, you cannot you metal spoon while cooking with an enamel dutch oven.

Lids of dutch oven

It is necessary to consider the lid while you are choosing the best dutch ovens for bread baking. If the lids are too loose, then the steam and moisture will go outside of the dutch oven. It can take much more time to cook the food.

The lids of the dutch oven should be tight and heavy that can keep the moisture and stem inside the dutch oven. It will also help you to cook food faster and efficiently. Steam and moisture are necessary foundations for bread baking.

Make sure that the dutch oven you choose has tight-fitting lids. It will make cooking easy.

What size dutch oven for bread?

The size of the dutch oven is also a necessary point to consider. Usually, 5-quart dutch ovens are perfect for everyone. However, if you are looking for big size, then you can purchase accordingly.

But make sure that the size you choose should match the shape of your loaf. Consider how much larger your loaf will be when fully baked. You have to care about the size of the dutch oven.

If you want a bigger size dutch oven, then you can choose. But do not choose a wider dutch oven because the loaf will spread out. It will not rise. I recommend finding a minimum of 10 inches wider and 4 inches deeper dutch oven for sourdough bread.

If you want to choose small dutch ovens, then keep the size of the loaf tiny. But do not use a small loaf in a large dutch oven. Because of too much space, the steam will not stay close enough to loaf. It will result in small bread. You can choose 4 quart or 5-quart dutch ovens for small and medium-sized bread.

Best brand for dutch oven

Many brands are making the best dutch oven for bread baking. However, lodge and Le Creuset are top brands for dutch ovens. Let’s gather some deeper information about them.

  • Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a premium and costly brand of the dutch oven. According to the quality of dutch ovens, their prices are worth it. Le Creuset is in the cookware industry since 1925. The Le Creuset is a 95 years old brand.

It was founded in France. Le Creuset ovens are great for cooking. But they are heavy as well. Also, le Creuset dutch ovens are suitable in all heat sources. You can use le Creuset dutch oven on the induction hub as well.

It will not require high heat because le Creuset dutch ovens are designed to heat evenly and effectively. The only disadvantage of le Creuset dutch oven is its price. Its price is too much everyone cannot afford it.

  • Lodge

If you want to buy le Creuset dutch ovens but cannot afford them then a lodge is the best alternative. Lodge dutch ovens are the best and affordable. Both brands use cast iron to make dutch ovens.

However, we cannot compare both brands. Le Creuset is the number 1 brand for dutch ovens. According to some reviews, Le Creuset has better heat retention than other brands. But it does not mean lodge dutch oven is not good.

Lodge ovens have higher capacity than the le Creuset dutch ovens. Also, the lodge gives the best warranty offers to its customer. Mostly lodge ovens are made of enameled cast iron that is non-reactive.

However, you have to maintain them because it can chip easily. The overall lodge is not better than the le Creuset. But according to the price, we can compare both brands. And lodge provides the best dutch ovens at an affordable price range.

Handles & Ease of Use

Handles are also a necessary part of dutch ovens. It provides you safe handling of the dutch oven. So make sure the dutch oven has durable handles that are safe. The dutch ovens are easy to clean. You can wash with warm or soapy water.

Some types of dutch ovens are suitable for the dishwasher as well. But many dutch ovens require lots of care while using and washing. However, caring is better to use the product for a long time. But when you are buying a dutch oven, keep in mind that it is easy to use and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are dutch ovens?

A- A dutch oven is a versatile tool for cooking. As we discuss, there are mainly two types of dutch ovens cast iron dutch ovens and enameled dutch ovens. The dutch ovens are cylindrical and durable pots with tight-fitting lids.

Dutch ovens are the most versatile product in cooking ware. You can use dutch ovens as casseroles, to bake bread, soups, stews, roasting, and frying. With bread baking, you can make lots of other recipes in these dutch ovens.

The dutch oven allows you to cook anything that you can make in a conventional oven. If you want to have fresh bread every day then the dutch ovens are the best tool for this.

Q- How dutch oven works?

A- The dutch ovens are made of cast iron. Cast iron provides maximum heating retention. When you put the dutch oven on a stove, the oven heats up from the center to the edge. You can also use a dutch oven in a regular oven to evenly heat cast iron.

Some Dutch ovens are made of metals. The metal dutch ovens will take more energy and time to heat up. Cast iron dutch ovens are better than metal. I do not recommend metal dutch ovens for bread baking.

Q – What is cast iron?

A – The cast iron is an alloy of iron with two or four percent carbon, silicon, and manganese. Cast iron is the most useful material for dutch ovens. Not only dutch ovens, but cast iron is used in many different kinds of cooking products.

Q – Why dutch ovens are heavy?          

A – The dutch ovens are bulky because it helps to retain and distribute heat evenly. It maintains a high temperature for a long time. Not all dutch ovens are bulky, but enameled ovens usually tend to heavy.

Final Verdict

After buying dutch ovens caring and maintenance are also important. If you are using a cast iron dutch oven then you have to season regularly. The cast iron dutch ovens need to be seasoned regularly. Also, you have to keep the cast iron dutch oven-dry when not in use because it can rust.

If you are using enamel cart iron dutch ovens then do not preheat them. It can cause a crack on the enamel of a dutch oven. Also, you cannot use metal spoons while you are cooking in an enamel-coated dutch oven.

These are the best dutch ovens for bread. All dutch ovens are made by trustful and popular brands. I recommend you to read the buying guide before you choose any dutch oven. It will help you to find out the best dutch oven for bread baking according to your needs and budget.

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