Top 6 Best Electric Grill for Apartment Balcony – Comprehensive Review

If you are living in apartments, then it is difficult to store those bulky gas or charcoal grills. Many people can’t enjoy a BBQ party at home because of this issue. Are you one of them? The solution is the best electric grill for apartment balcony.

So in this article we will briefly discuss about the best electric grills for apartment balcony. If you want to choose the best then read this article till the end.

Can I use the electric grill on the apartment balcony? Yes, why not? The electric grills are the new evolution in the grill industry. These electric grills are much better than the traditional gas or charcoal grills. It will take less time and space compared to the traditional grills.

The electric grills are available in two models. You can purchase either indoor or outdoor. These electric grills are easy to set up, clean, and portable. It makes an electric grill perfect for those who are living in an apartment.

The electric grills are also best for those who have less storage space. But, the electric grill comes in different sizes, features, functions, etc. How to choose the best electric grill for an apartment balcony?

That’s why we have prepared this comprehensive review article for you. After reading this post, you will find out the best option for you. Here we will give you a detailed review of the six best electric grills for apartment balconies.

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Things to Look at While Best Electric Grill – Buying Guide

Only reviews will not help you to choose the best option. You should be aware of the features and uses of an electric grill. Therefore, a buying guide for the best electric grill is important. Make sure to check out all things mentioned in this buying guide when you purchase an electric grill.

  • Size of Electric Grill

What should be the size of your electric grill? The answer is simple, but the question is important. Whenever you purchase a grill for a BBQ party, you should consider the size. You can choose the size according to your uses.

For example, if you are a couple, you should not waste your money on large electric grills. Small size grills are sufficient to serve two people. If there are four-five people, then you can go for a medium to large size grill.

Do you often plan a BBQ party at home with your friends? If yes, then, of course, you should go for a large electric grill available in your budget. But, don’t forget to consider space in your home.

The positive side of larges grills is that they can serve more people. But, the price will be a bit higher. Also, it will be hard to move a large grill because of the size.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Grill

Of course, you need an outdoor grill for the apartment balcony. But, some electric grills are portable and easy to move. These grills are useful indoors and outdoors too. Those electric grills are the best options to purchase.

These grills allow you to use them in your kitchen or balcony. Suppose you have planned a BBQ at your home and it’s raining outside. What will you do at that time? You can easily move the grill from balcony to kitchen if you have a grill like that.

Therefore, you should prefer a grill that you can use indoors and outdoors. However, most small electric grills are portable.

  • Easy to Use Electric Grill

However, most of the electric grills are easy to use. You should purchase an electric grill that is simple to use. Make sure the grill preheats quickly and cook food evenly. It will be great if you purchase a grill that is easy to clean too.

It will save your time and effort. Some electric grills come with stands. Those stands should be easy to remove so that you can use the grill on the countertop. Make sure the grill is lightweight as well. Otherwise, it will be difficult to move the electric grill.

  • Heat Control Feature
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The heat control feature allows you to perfectly grill any food. Most of the electric grills come with heat control knobs.

It gives you better heat control. Nowadays, new electric grills have variable heat control features. You can check user guides to learn more about the heat control feature of a particular electric grill.

  • Safety Features

Are electric grills safe? Yes, the electric grills come with various safety features. The electric grills are safer than charcoal or propane grills. But, the fire risk is high when you use the electric grill on the balcony or kitchen. You should be careful while using the electric grills. We will give you some safety tips at the end of the article.

Best Electric Grill for Apartment Balcony – 6 Latest Product

George Foreman Electric Grill for Apartment Balcony


The George foreman is an apartment-approved electric grill. It is our first choice because it offers many features at an affordable price range. Most people will choose this model after reading the details.

There are more than 14K reviews on amazon. It comes with a tough non-stick coating that makes the grill durable and easy to clean. Because of the non-stick coating, you don’t need to use butter and oil.

It is an indoor and outdoor electric grill. The George electric grill features an easy-to-remove stand. Whenever you want to use the grill on the countertop, you can easily remove the stand.

Moreover, it has a temperature control probe. You can select from five temperature setting to perfectly grill the food. You will also get a round grill cover with the electric grill.

Its domed grill lid ensures efficient cooking. The George foreman electric grill comes with a removable grill plate for fast and easy cleaning.

  • User’s Critic

Users have two issues with this electric grill. As it is an electric grill, you will not get that smoky flavor like gas (or any other type) of the grill. According to some users, the domed lid is cheaply made.

  • Easy to clean
  • Does not take up much space
  • Works quickly
  • Long power cord
  • Removable stand
  • Cheaply made lid
  • Can’t give the smoky flavor

Final Thoughts

Overall, the George foreman is a perfect electric grill to purchase. Because of the non-stick coating, the meat will not stick on it. It is an inexpensive and lightweight electric grill. This electric grill can serve ten to twelve people.

Cuisinart CEG-980 Electric Grill for Balcony

Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill

The Cuisinart CEG-980 electric grill comes with a 3 position base. You can use this electric grill indoors and outdoors. Because of its compact size, you can store it in a drawer when not in use.

The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and portable. It is a perfect model for families with four or five members. You can cook eight burgers, eight steaks, six to ten chicken breasts, or four-pound of fish at once.

The portable grill comes with a 145-square-inch grilling area. You can easily pack up the stands only in a few seconds. It has a briefcase-style carrying handle. No assembly is required. It is ready to use the electric grill.

It is made with alloy steel which makes it durable and sturdy. The Cuisinart is not so popular, but it is a perfect choice to buy. The price varies around $180. It is an affordable option too.

  • User’s Critic

Users are having trouble while cleaning the Cuisinart electric grill. It seems hard to clean under the heating element and deep tray. Some users say the grill takes more time to cook than other electronic grills.

  • Easy to store
  • Compact design
  • Good heat distribution
  • Comes with a three-position telescoping base
  • Size is perfect for 4-5 people
  • Difficult to clean
  • Takes time to cook

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a compact electric grill that can easily fit in your drawer, then you should purchase this one. It is a perfect choice for medium to large families. However, it has a short electric cord which is the only issue.

Techwood Electric BBQ Grill for Balcony


The techwood electric bbq grill is quite different than the other two. It comes with a ventilation system on the top of the grill. The rotatable ventilation system ensures better cooking. It will keep food juicy and tender.

The techwood electric BBQ grill comes with a removable grease tray for easy cleaning. Once you have done the BBQ party, you can easily take out the tray from the front of the unit. The temperature control function is essential for perfect cooking.

Techwood electric grill offers a temperature control probe with five different settings. You can use this techwood electric BBQ grill indoor & outdoor. You can remove the sturdy stand and use it on the countertop.

You can use all these electric grills in your garden, park, and balcony. Small installation is required in this electric grill. It is equipped with 240 square inches circular grilling surface. It can serve up to 15 servings for the party.

There is a foldable warming rack with an electric grill. You can keep it above the grill for extra space. Moreover, the company gives you 18 months promise for quality and efficiency.

  • User’s Critic

Users are complaining about the assembly of the bbq grill. According to them, it is a bit confusing. Also, it takes time to catch heat. But, some users say it gives you smoky flavor like gas grills.

  • Affordable price
  • Gives smoky flavors
  • Large grilling surface
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Cooks chicken very well
  • Assembly is a bit confusing
  • Takes time to cook

Final Thoughts

Most electric grills can’t give a smoky flavor like gas grills. If you want that smoky flavor, then this electric grill might be the best option for you. Also, it has some extra features like a ventilation system and racks for extra space.

George Foreman Rectangular Electric Grill


The George foreman electric grill comes in a rectangular design. Because of the rectangle design, it is bigger than the above three electric grills. The George foreman electric grill is a perfect option for large groups.

It can give 12+ servings because of the rectangular design. It has an adjustable temperature control probe. You can choose from five heat settings according to your recipe. The George rectangular grill comes with a non-stick coating.

You will never face a meat sticking issue with the non-stick coating. The non-stick coating makes the grill easy to clean. There is a fat removing slope on the George rectangular grill.

It will help remove up to 42% of fat from meats for taste. The electric grill also includes a drip tray to collect excess fat and grease. It is a dish-washer safe drip tray. It makes grill cleaning much easy.

The electric grill comes with a removable stand so you can use it on the countertop as well. Its price is cheaper than the above three electric grills. Also, you will get a three-year limited warranty.

  • User’s Critic

People are happy with the price and features of this electric grill. But, this rectangular electric grill requires assembly. Users say that the stand is durable, but it is difficult to assemble.

  • Classic rectangular shape
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to store
  • Stable and durable stand
  • Enough large for 12 eaters
  • Difficult to assemble

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a cheap electric grill, this rectangle electric grill is for you. We check many reviews on amazon. Most people say that the electric grill is easy to clean. There is a removable drip tray. You can purchase it without any worries.

Weber Q1400 Electric Grill for Balcony


The price of weber Q1400 is a bit higher than other models. It cost you around $250 on amazon. However, it offers some attractive features. The weber electric grill comes with porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates.

It provides around 189 square cooking areas. The cooking area is smaller than other models. But, you can cook around six burgers at once. It has a compact and lightweight design. There is a removable catch pan in the weber electric grill.

Once you have done cooking, you can remove the catch pan and simply clean it. Another benefit is its long cord. The weber electric grill comes with a 6-foot long cord. But, the electric grill does not come with a stand.

You will need to use a table to use this weber grill on the balcony. With the infinite control burner valve, you can easily change the heat settings. There is a cast aluminum lid that preserves heat.

  • User’s Critic

However, there are a few negative reviews about this weber grill. As it is a bit expensive, some users are not happy with the price. Users say the flavor is not like charcoal or gas grill.

  • Simple to clean
  • Cast-iron cooking grates
  • Heats up quickly
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Well-made
  • A bit expensive
  • Can’t give smoky flavor like a gas grill
  • Final Thoughts

The price can be an issue if your budget is low. If you can afford this price, you should consider this masterpiece. It does not require assembly. If you are looking for a long-lasting grill, the Weber Q1400 is for you.

Kenyon B70090 Frontier Electric Grill for Balcony


Are you looking for a high-quality electric grill? But, you should be ready to pay high for a high-quality electric grill. The Kenyon B70090 electric grill is the premium and high-quality grill you want.

The Kenyon B70090 comes with a digital temperature control system. It can reach up to 600F+ in just 10 minutes. This is the most durable electric grill on this list. It is made with stainless steel. It also features a drip tray.

It does not come with a stand. You will need to arrange a table on your balcony to use it. You can easily use this electric grill on the countertop as it is a portable grill. Because it is made with stainless steel material, it is a bit heavy grill.

There is stainless steel lid for heat preservation. It also has a non-stick grilling surface. The Kenyon is an amazon’s choice electric grill. It has a 1300W heating element that is connected with the cooking surface for efficient grilling.

  • User’s Critic

Users have two major issues with Kenyon electric grill. The grates are not easy to clean. According to a user, the grates are made with Teflon. It should be made from the ceramic coating.

  • Durable and long-lasting grill
  • Heats up in just 10 minutes
  • Great grill marks on your food
  • Non-stick grilling surface
  • 1300W heating element
  • Very expensive
  • Grates are not easy to clean
  • Final Thoughts

You can say this is the best electric grill for an apartment balcony on the market. However, it is very expensive. Everyone cannot afford this type of electric grill. If you can afford the price, we highly recommend this Kenyon electric grill.

Safety Tips for Using the Electric Grill

However, electric grills are safer than charcoal and gas grills. But, there are a few things that you should take care of while using the electric grill. Here we will give you four safety tips from an authentic source. Let’s check them…

Tip 1 – Add liquid to the drip tray

Some electric grills come with a drip tray for easy cleaning. You should add at least one cup of liquid to the drip tray.

It is important because dripping from your food can catch fire and burn. Also, it will give an extra taste to your food. It will make your food more tender and tasty.

Tip 2 – Use soft brushes to clean the grates

When it comes to cleaning, most people use metal or steel brushes to clean the grates. But, it can scratch the grate surface, and chips of metal can end up in your food. These metal chips can cause serious internal injuries if you eat them.

Then, how to clean the grates? You can clean the grates using soft brushes like silicone and nylon brushes. It will not scratch the grate surface and leave metal chips.

Tip 3 – Clean your grill components every time

Cleaning is very important after using the electric grill. You should clean the grease and fat build-up on the grates and drip tray. Make sure to completely clean out the drip tray after every use. Otherwise, the flavor will end up in your next meal.

Tip 4 – Turn off the grill after every use

Well, all-electric grills don’t have an automatic turn-off feature or safety mechanism. If you are using an expensive model, it will automatically turn off after some time. If you are using a grill with a temperature knob, be sure to turn it off and unplug the grill after every use.

Frequently Asked Questions : Best Electric Grill for Balcony

Q – Are electric grills safe on balconies?

A – Yes, the electric grills are safe on balconies. They are smokeless and flameless. However, you should follow the safety tips we have given. Also, use apartment-approved electric grills for safety. All-electric grills we have reviewed are apartment approved.

Q – Can I use the electric grill in the rain?

A – No, you should not use the electric grill in the rain. It may catch fire because of the shock circuit. Also, avoid using the electric grill near flammable material.

Q – Do I need to cover the electric grill?

A – It is not necessary to cover the electric grill. But, if you cover it, it will improve the life of the electric grill. The cover will protect the grill from weather, animals, and keep it clean.

Final Verdict : Best Electric Grill for Apartment Balcony

The electric grills are the best option for both indoors and outdoors. Why? Because the electric grills are much safer than the other types of grills. Also, these grills are lightweight and compact, so you can move them easily.

However, some electric grills can cost higher. A most electric grill cannot give you that smoky flavor like gas grills. But, it doesn’t mean the food will taste bad. If you’re planning for a grill, you must find out an electric grill rather than other types.

You can choose from the six best electric grills for apartment balconies in this article. Because of the compact size, you can take these grills for campaigning. We hope this article will help you choose the best model. That’s it for now. See you soon in the next review article. Till then, keep reading…

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