How Do Wood Pellet Grills Work?

The wood pellet grills are the newest type of grills on the market. These pellet grills are becoming popular as they help you to cook food with less smoke. But, do you know how do wood pellet grills work?

Here we will provide you a detailed guide on how does a wood pellet grillwork. Before moving forward we will see the advantages and disadvantages of wood pellet grills. Also, we will see what pellet grills. Are wood pellet grills worth it?

Your all questions related to wood pellet grills will be answered on this page. Are you curious to know about wood pellet grills how they work? If yes, then you must read this article till the end.

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What are Pellet Grills?

The pellet grills are like an outdoor convection oven. These pellet grills are useful to smoke, grill, or bake food. Many people think that the pellet grills and smokers are the same. But, there is a difference in fuel that they use.

The pellet grill uses wood pellets as fuel. It is the main benefit of pellet grills. Using wood as a fuel provides you smoky flavor. That’s why you can also use pellet grills as a smoker. Not only the smoker but pellet grills are also better than other grilling equipment (like an outdoor convection oven).

The smokers and other grilling equipment create more smoke while cooking. You can also control the temperature in pellet grills. The pellet grills come with an electronic temperature gauge. You can use them to set the temperature just like ovens.

The pellet grill also features a fan system to cook the food. It will distribute heat and smoke throughout the entire grill for better cooking. The pellet grills also come with different features. It can cost you from $300 to $3000 and more as well.

Advantages of Wood Pellet Grills

The wood pellet grill provides you many advantages. Some of them are as below.

  • The wood pellet grill is versatile cooking equipment. You can use it to make all types of food. It is helpful to bake and grill the food.
  • Gives a wood smoke taste to the food.
  • The pellet grill saves your time and effort. It takes less time to pre-heat. It allows you to cook tasty food faster and easier.
  • The wood pellet grill allows you to set the cooking temperature and monitor the heat inside.
  • The wood pellet grill cooks food evenly.

Disadvantages of Wood Pellet Grills

There are only two or three disadvantages of pellet grills. Here they are.

  • The pellet grills are a bit costly
  • Cannot provide heavy smoke taste to the food
  • The wood pellet grills require electricity

How do Wood Pellet Grills Work?

The wood pellet grill uses five parts to cook the food. You will find many simple explanations on the internet. But, here we will provide you detailed knowledge of wood pellet grills. We will also give some information on the Traeger wood pellet grill.

However, the all pellet grill won’t work the same as Traeger. But, you will get an idea of how to use a Traeger wood pellet grill. The Traeger is the best brand of wood pellet grills. Though, the five parts will be the same in Traeger and other pellet grills.

Let’s understand those parts…


The Hopper is the part where you will put the wood pellets. This part is common in both combined horizontal and dedicated vertical wood pellet grills. The size of Hopper can be different according to the price and brand.

A big hopper means the wood pellet grill runs for a long-time. If you purchase a large pellet grill, then the capacity of the hopper can be more than 20 lbs. You will use a minimum of 2lbs of wood pellets per hour. Although, its numbers can be more and less as well.


The Auger is the second part important part of pellet grills. The Auger is connected to the control panel. It will send a few pellets into the burner when you start the grill. There will be an internal thermostat on the grill that will measure the temperature.

Once the burner reaches the desired temperature, the Auger will slow/stop sending the pellets into the burner.

Cooking Chamber

This is the part where you will cook the food. The burner will heat the cooking chamber and heat or smoke the food. Because the burner will heat the cook, there is no risk of flare-ups. You will not get blackened and burnt flavors.

The Fan System

The wood pellet grills also come with a fan system. It helps to distribute heat and smoke in the cooking chamber. The fan system also improves the quality of food. The fan system is also connected directly with the control panel. Although, you cannot change the fan speed by yourself.

Pellet Grill Control Panel

The control panel is the most necessary part of the pellet grill. With the control panel, you can turn on/off the pellet grill and set the temperature. Once you set the temperature in the control panel, it will maintain the temperature.

If you purchase a cheaper pellet grill, then you can set a maximum of 450 degrees temperature. But, modern pellet grills allow you to set temperature over 500 degrees. The modern and expensive grills come with a high-quality control panel that can maintain the temperature accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Where can I get wood pellets?

A – You can find pellets at any store that sells charcoal. These pellets are made from different woods like apples, cherries, etc. It allows you to add different flavors to your delicious food.

Q – What can I cook on a pellet grill?

A – You can cook multiple dishes on a pellet grill. According to, the pellet grills are best for dishes like the slide of salmon, pork shoulder, and brisket. The wood pellet grill is also helpful to make crispy pizza. It is recommended to keep the heat at the highest settings for faster cooking.

Q – Should I purchase a wood pellet grill?

A – Of course, the wood pellet grills are the best rather than average grills. It is the best option for every home. The wood pellet grills can cost from $300 to $3000 and more. There is a wide range of wood pellet grills available on the market.

The Traeger and weber are well-known brands for wood pellet grills. You can purchase them from online stores as well.

Final Thoughts

There are five steps of the working system of wood pellet grills. First, you have to put wood pellets in the hopper. Second, the control panel will order an auger to send pellets into the burner. Third, the burner will start heating the cooking chamber.

Fourth, the fan system will distribute heat and smoke evenly. In the fifth step, your dish will be ready. The wood pellet grills follow a simple working process. You easily understand how do wood pellet grills work in this post.

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