How to Adjust Burner on Gas Grill? – Complete Guide

If there is a yellow or low flame issue, the problem might be in your burners. So do you need to change the gas grill burner? No, you can solve this issue by adjusting the burner. How to adjust burner on gas grill?

You can easily adjust the gas grill burner by following the simple steps we are going to give. The reason behind yellow flame can be dirt and debris. Maybe the burners are blocked by dirt or debris.

To solve this, you will need to adjust the air shutter as well. What is an air shutter? How to adjust the air shutter? The air shutter is a part that is connected to the burner. We will give more information about this further in this article. Are you ready to adjust the burner on gas grill?

Then let’s get started…

What Is Air Shutter?

The air shutter is an important part of your gas grill. It provides a perfect air and gas ratio so the burners can produce blue and even flames. If there is any issue with the air shutter, you will see a yellow or low flame issue.

These air shutters are connected with burners. It is a small part. You can see it at the end of the burners. The air shutter is connected with each burner. It gives you the blue and small flame that you want.

Do I need to replace the air shutter to get a small blue flame? No, you can easily do that by adjusting the air shutter. Is it possible to do that? Yes, it’s possible. Also, adjusting the gas grill burner means adjusting the air shutter. These both are the same things. Don’t be confused between these two.

How to Adjust Burner on Gas Grill?

No need to hire a technician to adjust burner on gas grill. Simply follow the steps given below. However, this process will require a screwdriver. So make sure you have a screwdriver.

Step 1: Open the Control panel

First of all, open the control panel (from where you control the flame) of your gas grill. You will need to remove two or three screws using a screwdriver. After removing the control panel, you will see the air shutter at the end of your burners.

Step 2: Loosen the Lock Screw

Once you locate the air shutter, you will see a small screw on the air shutter. That is a lock screw. You will need to loosen the lock screw to adjust the air shutter/gas grill burner. Do not remove the lock screw.

Step 3: Turn on the Burner

Now, turn on the burner and check the flame. If there is a yellow and tall flame, then it means the air shutter is so far closed. The yellow flame happens when there is low airflow. The yellow flame will also produce a lot of black carbon fuels.

But, you can turn it to blue by adjusting the air shutter. While the burner is on, you have to adjust the air shutter open and close until you have a blue and small flame. You can turn the shutter counterclockwise. It will allow more air to the burners.

If the flame is noisy and tends to lift away, then there is too much airflow to the burners. Turn the air shutter clockwise to control the airflow. The height of your air flame should be around 1” inches to 1.5” inches.

Adjusting the air shutter will also improve the performance of the gas grill. Note, turning the air shutter clockwise will allow less airflow, and turning counterclockwise will allow more airflow. You can also do this process by removing the burner.

Step 4: Adjust Burner on Gas Grill by Removing It

However, it is good to adjust the air shutter while the burner is on. You can get an idea of how much adjustment is required. But, if you feel unsafe with the burner is on, then there is another way as well.

Make sure to keep close the valve on the propane tank before you start. Also, the grill and burners should be cool otherwise you might be injured. First of all, open the lid of the gas grill. After that, remove all the grill plates or anything over the burners.

There will be a cotter pin on the edge of the burner. Pull out that cotter pin. Now, remove the mounting screw on the burners. After that, you can easily pull up the burner and remove it. Be careful don’t pull hard.

You will see the air shutter at the end of the burner. Loosen the lock screw and adjust the air shutter as you want. Once you are done with this, put back the burner and check the flame. If it is still yellow, then repeat the process.

Can I Clean the Air Shutter?

Yes, why not? It is good if you can clean the air shutter a few times. You can use a soft brush to clean the air shutter. You can use an old toothbrush as well. But, you will need to remove the control panel for cleaning the air shutter.

Also, you can follow this process to clean the burners. If you use water, then let the air shutter dry before putting back the control panel.

Final Verdict

The air shutter is already set while you purchase the gas grill. But, after some time and use, you have to adjust it. You have to remove dirt and debris from the air shutter and burners. The lock screw can be loos after a few years of use.

It is also a reason for yellow or no flame. Though, we have given you the solution for all these problems. We hope that it will help you to adjust the burner on the gas grill. However, it is an easy task, but you should be careful of flame. So that’s it for now. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs.

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