How to Grill Half Chicken?

Though, you can cook a whole chicken on the gas grill with ease. But, sometimes cooking a whole chicken on the grill may take more time. To make the process easier, you should split the chicken into two pieces before cooking. Here a question arises how to grill half chicken?

When you try to make things easy, sometimes it becomes more difficult. Therefore, the question is valid. However, it is not hard to grill half chicken. A tasty chicken means a crispy and juicy flavor.

The roasted and crispy chicken is much better than the fried chicken. Also, the taste of half-grilled chicken will not change. You will enjoy half-grilled chicken as much as whole-grilled chicken. In this post, we will give you a simple guide on how to grill half chicken. Are you ready to try a new recipe for grill chicken?

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How to Grill Half Chicken – Step 1


First of all, prepare your chicken for grilling. Take a knife and lay down the chicken on the cutting board. After that remove excess fat and skin using the knife. Now, cut down the breast bone and backbone.

When you are done with these things, you can split the chicken into two parts. Make sure to press down rib bones under the breast. To make chicken juicy, you can use the marinating liquid. You can check out some articles on google for making the marinating liquid.


Once you are ready with marinating liquid, pour marinating liquid on every part of the chicken. You can keep marinating liquid in a bowl as well and cover all parts of the chicken. It will moisten the chicken and make the chicken juicy.

There is one more way to pour marinating liquid. You can cover the chicken in a plastic bag and then pour marinating liquid into that plastic bag. The chicken will soak the marinating liquid.

You can remove the chicken from the plastic bag after 5 to 10 minutes. Keep the chicken for 30 minutes on a plate.

How to Grill Half Chicken – Step 2


Now, it is time to prepare the grill for grilling half chicken. The first step is to brush the top side of your grill rack. Clean the top of the grill with a thin layer of oil. According to Livestrong, you can use sunflower or canola oil.


While grilling chicken, it can stick on the grill. It will keep the grill surface as non-sticky as possible. Once you are done with this, you can start all your gas grill burners. Make sure to keep the burners in medium-high settings.

The cooking temperature should be around 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also season half chickens on both sides using a delicious rub.  Make sure to use bricks packed in aluminum foil. You can keep bricks on the edges of the grill rack as well.

Cooking Half Chicken on the Grill – Step 3

Chicken on grill

You will cook the chicken under the weight of the brick. You may know that a Tuscan dish is cooked under the weight of the brick. It’s time to cook half chickens on the grill. Now, put the chicken pieces on the grill.

Make sure to keep the skin side down. Also, don’t keep the chicken directly on the fire. You will set both chickens on the indirect of the fire. After that place the brick over the chicken pieces. Press the chicken pieces to closer the grill.

Now, let the chicken pieces cook for around 15 minutes. When one side of the chicken is cooked and solid, you can flip the side of the chicken. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes again. Don’t forget to change the bricks when you flip the side of the chicken.

Make sure that the chicken is perfectly cooked. Sometimes the chicken doesn’t cook perfectly from the inside. If you want to make the chicken crispy, you can cook both sides for a few more minutes. But, be careful your chicken may be burnt as well.

How to Make Marinade?

Here we will give a small guide on how to make marinade liquid. However, you can check that link to the read detailed article on how to make marinade liquid. Let’s see…

Ingredients you will need

  • You will need an acid like vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, or wine.
  • Use seasoning or spices to add flavor to the marinade.
  • Good quality oil is also necessary to add moisture to the meat.
  • Lastly, you will need salt.

Preparation of Marinade Liquid

There are only two steps to follow for preparing marinade liquid. The first step is to mix oil and acid in a bowl. Make sure the amount of acid should be 25% of the mixture. The second step is to add flavors and salt for taste. Now, your marinade liquid is ready. Check that link to know alternative materials and the benefits of marinade liquid.

Frequently Asked Question

Q – What are the safety tips to grill half chicken?

A – You should wear good quality cooking gloves to grill half chicken. You have to be careful while changing the bricks. Also, set up dinner at a distance from the grill to avoid contact with the hot grill surface.

Q – How long does it take to grill a half chicken?

A – It may take around one hour including the preparation process. However, the half chicken will take less time than the whole chicken.

Q – At what temperature should you grill chicken?

A – You should grill chicken at 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Verdict

These are the three steps you will need to follow to grill half chicken. We hope that our post will help you to grill half chicken. People like to enjoy whole chicken, but half chicken also tastes the same.

To add flavor, you can add some sauce. It may improve the taste of your favorite dish. We have written many articles on grills. Don’t forget to check out those articles. That’s it for now. See you soon in the next post…