How to Install a Built-In BBQ Grill- 11 Important Things to Consider!

Are you familiar with how to install a built-in BBQ grill? Do you want an outdoor kitchen setting that isn’t like the rest? Is that what you want to do? Make no mistake about it. We’re here to help you finish your dream kitchen by giving you a detailed tutorial on how to install a built-in barbeque grill.

Installing a built-in grill isn’t as hard as you think, as long as you have the right skills. However, a few things need to be thought about. The end result will be an amazing outdoor kitchen that has changed the way people cook.

So, in this article, we will teach you how to install a built-in BBQ grill. Also, at the end of the article, we have an awesome FAQ section that you don’t want to miss out on! So, keep reading.

What exactly is a built-in BBQ grill?

Often called a barbeque island, a built-in barbeque grill is a weather-resistant structure with a grill that is used as the base for a whole outdoor kitchen. It has a counter that is great for cooking and smoking outside.

Why Should You Install a Built-In BBQ Grill?

Before we start installing the built-in grill, we need to figure out what it will be used for and why.

The primary reasons why you might want to install a built-in BBQ grill might be:

  • As a chef, you might want to turn your culinary ideas into a grilled outdoor feast. This is the perfect addition to your backyard kitchen.
  • Another good thing about investing in your home is that it pays off quickly because of the high rate of return.
  • Similarly, you might be a very social person who likes to give your guests as much fun as possible. As a result, bringing in tourists is a good idea.
  • Also, you might want some space set aside for outdoor family fun.

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What to Consider When Installing Built-In Grills?

Before we talk about how to install a built-in BBQ grill, we need to know more about how it works and how to plan for it. So, before installation, you should consider these 2 important points:

  • The size and the location of installation.
  • Also, the specific reason for the grill installation.

Where should it be installed?

Planning your grill installation is a very important step that must be done right. Installing gas grill inserts for an outdoor kitchen isn’t something you can do on your own. Instead, you should call a pro.

A skilled contractor can help you design your outdoor kitchen better, but you must be familiar with the whole process to help him. Go right to the point.

1. Select an Appropriate Location

So, because this step is so important to the whole process, you should know where to put your barbeque grill.

To avoid accidents, it should be kept in a safe place and away from flammable things and the main living area. Remove any flammable or wood log-like things from the area and make the grill ready for installation. Ensure that the operation is as safe and simple as possible.

2. Select Your Favourite Grill

You’re now going to set up your outdoor kitchen. You should already know what kind of grill you want at this point. There are a lot of special equipment available for setting up a BBQ. You can either have a built-in grill and a smoker, or even a stand-alone layout. You can choose what looks good to you and what fits your budget.

3. Draw the Precise Measurements you Want

Now, you should have the exact measurements for the whole project, so you can finish it.

  • Cabinets
  • Thickness
  • Gas connections
  • And a heat shield

All of these metrics are important and must not be forgotten.

4. Build the Grill Deck Structure

Now, use pressure-treated lumber to build the grilling deck’s frame. Chemical preservatives used in this method make your system resistant to insects and able to withstand harsh weather.

Each part should be framed on its own, then connected. A concrete board will be put in the back to keep the original part in place.

5. Insulation Wire Mesh

A layer of insulating wire mesh will be needed in the middle of your built-in barbeque designs to keep the heat barrier from getting too hot.

6. Encase your Grill in a Metal Frame

We need to put something between the grill and the parts of the structure that can catch fire. In order to avoid any problems, we will frame the structure with a strong metal that meets these requirements so that it doesn’t fall apart. To make sure your outdoor kitchen is safe, add a strong metal heat barrier to your barbeque set-up.

7. Use a Concrete Board to cover the Outside

It’s important to build an outdoor kitchen enclosure because it serves as the base and countertop for your outdoor grill installation when you’re making food. It all comes down to your sense of style, and if you want to be a good outdoor cook, you need to make your cooking area look good.

Thus, you could build it entirely out of wood, brick, or stone and then cover it with floor tiles to show off your artistic side.

8. Never Forget to Allow Extra Space

Allow extra space on the outside of your built-in BBQ ideas for things like a natural gas connection for the fuel tank. There should also be enough room for drawers and cabinets to store outdoor utensils.

9. Provide a Vent for the Grill or a Breathing Area

Another way is to let the grill have a vent or breathing space so it can get new air and get rid of dirty air. This is very important, because not enough airflow makes both the food and the atmosphere bad.

10. Examining the Grill

The gas grill inserts in your outdoor kitchen need to be checked before you build a structure to cover them. After that, make sure that all of the pilot lights and burners are working.

11. Install Countertops Made of Steel

It’s now time to put in the steel countertops, but you first need to put in the grills. Then you can put in the countertops. They are held in place with liquid nails. It’s ready for a bonfire party when the liquid has dried.


Q1. Is a built-in grill compatible with a countertop?

No, a built-in barbeque is integrated into your backyard or patio’s wall or cabinet. It is not a countertop item.

Q2: Is it permissible to build a built-in grill outside?

Yes, you may build an outside built-in barbeque. However, you must ensure that the location is level and that there is a nearby gas line.

Q3: Is a built-in grill prohibitively expensive?

No, an integrated grill does not have to be costly. Grills come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you’re likely to find one that meets your demands and suits your budget.

Final Verdict

Installing a built-in BBQ grill can be a difficult task! However, once you have set it all up, you can reap its benefits (by making tasty barbeques) whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, a built-in grill looks more tidy, covers a less space and is a lot more efficient than other versions.

So, if you ask us, we would definitely recommend that you get yourself a built-in one! Also, we hope that we have perfectly answered your query on “How to Install a Built-In BBQ Grill.”