How to Make Pour over Coffee without a Scale?

Don’t have the scale to measure coffee beans? Taking perfect measurements for making pour-over coffee is important. But, don’t worry; you can still make tasty coffee without using scale. How to make pour-over coffee without a scale?

Well, it is simple to make coffee without a scale. In this article, we will teach you how to make pour-over coffee without a scale. Although, we will use a pour-over dripper, water kettle, and coffee grinder to make pour-over coffee.

But, we do not need a gooseneck kettle. You can make pour-over coffee by using a regular kettle. Just follow the guidelines given below to make pour-over coffee. Are you ready to learn how to make pour-over coffee without any fancy equipment?

How to make Pour over Coffee without a Scale?

There are three parts to making pour-over coffee without fancy equipment. First, you will need to measure the coffee beans. Then, you have to measure water. After that, you can start the process to make pour-over coffee.

  • Measuring Coffee

Measuring the right amount of coffee is necessary to make a delicious cup of coffee. It is hard to measure coffee beans because of their different sizes and shapes. We did some tests using a tablespoon to measure whole coffee beans.

Using a medium roast coffee, we found that a standard tablespoon can have around 5 grams of coffee beans. Also, you have to keep the beans as flat as possible in the tablespoon. However, it is a bit difficult to keep whole beans flat.

If you are using light roast coffee beans, then a tablespoon can have more than 5 grams. A tablespoon can have less than 4 grams of super-dark roast coffee. It is easy to take volume measurements of ground coffee.

Hence, it is better to use ground coffee. You can also grind coffee beans before measuring. Let’s see how to measure water without using fancy equipment.

  • Measuring Water

It is easy to measure water using a measuring cup with volume lines. Or else if you do not have the measuring cup then you can use the coffee mug that you are going to use. According to, a standard mug is around 350ml.

Also, these mugs are different from the cups. Now, to measure water, take fill water in the mug that you are going to use and pour that water into the kettle. Do not forget to put coffee beans or ground coffee that you have measured in the kettle.

Also, put a little extra water in the kettle than you have measured. If your kettle is small, then let the water drip down. After that, you can fill the kettle again. Do that until you run out of water.

The speed of pouring also affects the taste of your coffee. You should notice the time while pouring the water. If it takes only two minutes, then you should brew slower next time. If takes five minutes, then you should brew a little quick. It will leave your coffee with an unpleasant smell if you brew too slowly or quickly.

Steps to Make Pour over Coffee without a Scale

Here we will provide you a simple recipe to pour-over coffee. You know how to measure water and coffee beans without any tools. Once you measure these things, you can follow the steps given below to make pour-over coffee.

Step 1

First of all, measure 400ml of water. However, these numbers are not perfect. But, you will measure water around 400ml.

Step 2

Now, to boil the water, pour it into the kettle.

Step 3

If you are using medium roast coffee beans, then measure five tbsp coffee beans. After that, grind those coffee beans in medium settings. If you already have ground coffee, then measure seven tbsp.

Step 4

Now, put the coffee grounds in a mug. The mug or cup should be large enough. Once the water is boiled take it off and leave it for a few seconds.

Step 5

It’s time to pour water into the mug to make the grounds sloppy. Also, do not forget to set the timer.

Step 6

After 45 seconds, pour more water and fill the brewer at around ¾.

Step 7

You will need to refill the brewer whenever the water level drops.

Step 8

After two minutes, if there is a lot of water, then pour coffee quickly.

Step 9

This whole process will take around 3 to 4 minutes. Once all of the water finishes, wait and let the coffee drip.

Step 10

Your delicious pour-over coffee is not ready without using any fancy tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do you need a scale for pour-over coffee?

A – A scale is an important tool for brewing a delicious cup of coffee. However, the scale is not necessary. You can make a delicious pour-over coffee by following the techniques given in this article.

Q – Is pour-over coffee stronger than drip?

A – The making process of pour-over and regular drip coffee is different. Therefore, the pour-over coffee is tastier than the regular drip coffee.

Q – Is pour-over coffee healthier?

A – According to, drinking coffee can impact your cholesterol levels. But, says that filters reduce cholesterol from coffee. It will reduce the chances of death from cardiovascular disease.

Final Verdict

Now, you know how to make pour-over coffee without a scale. There are simple techniques to measure coffee beans and water. Other techniques may require some fancy tools, if you follow the steps we have given; you do not need any fancy tools. We hope that our post will help you to make a delicious cup of coffee. So that’s it for now. We will see you soon…


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