How to Slice Cooked Meat Thin without Slicer

When it comes to thinly sliced meat, the first thing that comes to mind is a meat slicer. But, we cannot afford that expensive equipment like meat slicers. But, the question is How to Slice Cooked Meat Thin without Slicer?  


For making some delicious non-veg dishes, you will need thinly sliced meat. However, slicing meat without a slicer is possible. In this article, we will tell you how to slice meat thinly without a slicer. Do you want to get thinly sliced meat from the comfort of your home?


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What will I need to Slice Meat Thin without a Slicer?

You do not need to use a meat slicer for meat slicing. But, you can slice meat by using some simple tools like a knife and cutting board. Let’s check out these both tools to cut meat.

Sharp Knife


Well, you must have a sharp and high-quality knife to get thinly sliced meat at the comfort of your home. The stainless steel knives are the best options. Note that the edge of the lancet is sharp enough to cut the meat smoothly than other tools.

You can also use knives with a serrated blade. The serrated blade comes with sharp edges to cut the piece smoothly. With the serrated blade knife, you can easily slice meat according to your desired thickness.

Many people ask us, can we use a mandoline slicer to slice meat? But, mandoline slicers are not helpful for thinly sliced meat. However, you can use a mandoline slicer to make delicious items like zucchini lasagna.

Wooden Cutting Board

The second necessary tool that you will need is a wooden cutting board. You can use any cutting board to get the best thin slices of meat. But, a wooden cutting board will help you to slice meat.

The wooden cutting board will not sleep on the surface. It will keep your meat in place because of its rough surface. According to, the bacteria cannot grow in wood and eventually dies.

However, do not forget to clean the wooden cutting board after each use. You can wash the cutting board with soapy hot water. Make sure that the cutting board is flat. Otherwise, it will move while cutting and cause injuries.

How to Slice Cooked Meat Thin without Slicer?

Well, slicing cooked meat is too simple. Once the meat is cooked, you have to wait for five to fifteen minutes. Let the cooked meat rest on the wooden cutting board and hold its flavorful ingredients.

After fifteen minutes, your delicious meal will be cool down and get in better shape. Then grab your sharp knife and start slicing meat from the edge. Make sure to hold the meat with one hand, and every piece should be equal in thickness.

Also, keep your meat at the right angle based on its grains. Well done, the thin slices of cooked meat are ready.

How to Slice Raw Meat without Raw Meat Slicer?


Slicing raw meat is not different. It is similar to cutting cooked meat. You will only need to freeze the raw meat before slicing because raw meat can be slippery. Keep the raw meat in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Do not keep the meat for more than 30 minutes in the freezer. You can set a timer of 30 minutes after keeping it in the freezer. After 30 minutes, the raw meat is ready for slicing. Put the raw meat on a wooden cutting board.

Before slicing, make sure to check the direction of grains of meat. You should cut raw meat against the grains for perfect shapes. Get a well-sharpen and high-quality knife and start slicing meat.

It is easy to get thin pieces of raw meat than the cooked meat. Because the raw meat is frozen, you can easily slice it into perfect shapes. Also, you do not need any special knives. You can use a regular kitchen knife, but it should be well-sharpen.

Many people may have a question that how to slice deli meat without a slicer. Well, you can follow the same process to slice deli meat without a slicer.

Tips to Slice Meat Thin without a Slicer

Now you know how to slice thin meat without a slicer. But, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while cutting the meat.

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is your safety. You are going to use a sharp knife that can cut your finger. Be careful while slicing meat. Do not forget to use a wooden cutting board is necessary.
  • Rather than slicing meat in the direction of the grains. You should cut the meat in the opposite direction of the grains. It will make the meat more tender and easy to chew.
  • Maintain the sharpness of the knife. You should check the sharpness of the knife every time you use it. Also do not forget to clean it after every use.
  • Keep the wooden cutting board on a hard and flat surface. It should not move while slicing the meat.

These things are necessary to consider while cutting because of your safety. It will also help you to get the perfect shape and sizes of the slice.

Final Verdict

Now slicing meat should not be a tricky task for you. With these tips and guides, you can easily slice the meat thin without a slicer. We have explained everything that will help you to slice cooked meat thin without a slicer. We hope that this article will help you to slice meat thin by using a sharp knife and wooden cutting board.

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