How to Store Freeze Dried Food?

How to store freeze dried food? The food drying process is the best way to keep your food fresh for years. However, you should know the proper way to store freeze-dried food.  That’s what the whole article is about. Stay connected.

For people who don’t know about the freeze-drying process, it is a process to make food water and moisture-free. It includes meat as well. The freeze-drying of food is also known as lyophilization.

You can also do it at your home using a home freeze-dryer. This process improves the shelf life of food by up to 25 years. Shocked! But, it also depends on how you store the freeze-dried food. Today, we will give you some tips on how to store freeze-dried food.

Protect Your Freeze Dried Food from These Elements

  • Moisture

The motive of food drying is to remove moisture from the food. If you don’t store freeze-dried food properly, it will absorb moisture from the air. Moisture is the most affecting factor that can affect the shelf life of freeze-dried food.

To keep freeze-dried sage from moisture, keep it sealed until you are ready to use. There are some storage bags available online. We will talk about those storage bags further in the article.

When you want to use dried food, get the desired amount of food out of the bag and seal the bag as soon as possible. Make sure to push the air out before sealing. Moisture will build bacteria and mold in your food.

The freeze-dried foods are crispy. If it becomes soft and chewy, then moisture is present. It is time to throw out that freeze-dried food. You should not eat it.

  • Oxygen

Oxygen is another element that can reduce the shelf life of dried food. The oxygen will affect the vitamins, flavor, and taste of your food. But, there are many solutions to keep your freeze-dried food safe from oxygen.

However, we don’t recommend you to use ziplock bags. The ziplock bags allow oxygen to get into the bag. You should use airtight glass jars to store freeze-dried food. Also, reseal the container as soon as possible after opening. Otherwise, oxygen can get into the bag.

  • Light

How can light affect the shelf life of freeze-dried food? Well, the light will not affect the shelf life of your freeze-dried food. However, it can break down the vitamins and other nutritional benefits of food.

The light can also change the color and flavor of your food. It does not mean that your food is inedible. But, it is safe to store it in a dark place with limited access to light. You can keep it in a pantry, freeze, or kitchen cabinet.

  • Temperature

High temperature is also not good for freeze-dried food. The temperature should be between 0 to 24 celsius. You can store it at room temperature, but it will be great to save FD foods in freeze especially in summer.

How to Store Freeze Dried Food?

Here we will show you different ways to store freeze-dried food. There are many plastic bags with zippers available in the market. Most people use those plastic bags to store freeze-dried food.

As we told, air and oxygen can get into those zipper bags. You should use mylar bags to store freeze-dried food. The Mylar bags are not expensive. You can easily purchase them from Amazon and other online stores.

But, you have to add an oxygen absorber in the Mylar bags. The oxygen absorbers are also available in the online market. Make sure to seal the bag using an impulse sealer. These are the best tools to seal plastic or Mylar bags.

Also, impulse sealer will not cost you more. Vacuum sealed plastic bags are also a useful option for storing meat. If you are going to eat food in near future, then you can also use jars and containers.

However, you have to add oxygen absorbers in those jars. If you want to store vegetables and fruits for a few months, then simple air-tight jars are the best option. Make sure to use glass jars instead of plastic if possible. You don’t need to add an oxygen absorber if you want to store dried food for a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is it necessary to keep freeze-dried food in the refrigerator?

A – No, you can store your FD food at room temperature. However, if you are living in an area where the temperature stays high, then a refrigerator is necessary. But, it may last for a few months in high temperatures.

Q – What cannot be freeze-dried?

A – Well, freeze-drying is a technique to remove moisture from foods. Therefore, foods like peanut butter, syrup, honey, jam, and pure chocolate.

Q – Can you live on freeze-dried food?

A – Yes, you can survive on freeze-dried food. There is no difference between freeze-dried food and normal food. Some people think that after freeze-drying food loses its vitamins and nutrients. But, the freeze-drying process only removes water and moisture from food.

Final Verdict

Storing freeze-dried food is too simple. You only need to use some products like oxygen absorbers, mylar bags, and impulse sealers. However, you can also store freeze-dried food in simple air-tight jars.

But, it will not last for a long time. If you want to store freeze-dried food for years, then you have to use these products. These products are easily available on amazon. Also, protect your freeze-dried food from moisture and other elements.

We hope this article will help you. Don’t forget to check out other informative articles on our site. That’s it for now. See you soon in the next post…

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