How to Unhook Propane Tank from Grill?

You may need to refill or replace your propane tank during the grilling season. Imagine your propane tank ran out empty while grilling and you don’t know how to unhook propane tank from grill.

It’s a difficult situation when you have invited your friends to a BBQ party. If you know how to unhook propane tank from grill, then it’s not an issue for you. But, many people can’t unhook propane tanks by themselves.

Therefore, we will teach you how to unhook propane tank from grill. Here we will give five simple steps to unhook the propane tank. But, before we start, do you know how a propane tank works?

Then let’s begin with how a propane tank works…

How Does a Propane Tank Work?

It will be difficult to unhook propane tank if you don’t know the working system of the propane tank. The propane is stored in a liquid state. It is pressurized in propane tanks. Both large and small propane tanks are used for different purposes.

The small propane tanks are those we use in our kitchen or found in grills. On the other hand, large size propane tanks are placed underground. The large tanks are also known as underground tanks or stationary liquid propane tanks.

When you are using the propane gas, it is released as a gas through the hose to the grill. The propane gas is filled with pressure using a machine in the tank. When propane is in the tank, it is liquid.

When the valve is open, pressure in the propane tank decreases and liquid propane converts to gas. There are different types of a valve attached to the propane tank. It comes with a vapor return valve to keep pressure within limits.

There is a service valve that converts liquid propane to gas. The propane tank also features a relief valve that releases excess gas from the tank. There are two types of gauges in the propane tank.

The propane tank comes with a float gauge and a fixed liquid level gauge. The float gauge shows the amount of propane in the tank. On the other hand, the fixed level gauge alerts when the propane level is about to exceed in the tank.

The propane tanks are also durable and closed very tightly to prevent leaks. You may need to use a wrench to open it when you bring it home the first time.

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How to Unhook Propane Tank From Grill?

Now, you know how propane tank works. You know the parts of a propane tank. Below are the five steps to unhook propane tank from grill. You can simply unhook the propane tank by following these steps.

#Step 1: Turn Off the Main Valve

The first and most important step is to turn off the main valve of the propane tank. First of all, find the propane tank in your outdoor grill. There should be a main valve on the top of the propane tank. Turn that valve in the clockwise direction to close it. Also, make sure that the knobs on the grill are also off.

#Step 2: Loosen the Connection

The propane tank is connected with the gas regulator of your grill. You will need to remove the gas regulator to unhook the propane tank. Use a crescent wrench to loosen the bolt of the gas regulator.

You will find this bolt at the meeting point of the propane tank and gas regulator. Grip the wrench and twist it in the clockwise direction to loosen the bolt.

#Step 3: Remove the Regulator From the Tank

Once the bolt is loose enough, continue removing the nut using your hand until you can easily pull out the regulator. When you pull the regulator, you will hear a small whiff of gas. It’s normal.

#Step 4: Unhook Propane Tank From Grill

Once you pull out the regulator, you can easily remove the propane tank from the grill. Some models come with a safety strap. However, you can simply remove them following this method.

#Step 5: Reverse This Process

You can reverse this process to reconnect or connect a new propane tank to the grill. A new propane tank comes with a plastic safety cap. Simply remove this safety cap before replacing the propane tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Why does my propane tank feel full but no gas?

A – The issue might be with your gas valve. If the tank is full, then the valve can be broken. You can take your propane tank to the repair shop.

Q – How many years does a propane tank last?

A – It depends on the size of your propane tank. A 20lbs propane tank will last 18 to 20 hours on grills. If you are using a small 16-ounce propane tank, then it will last a maximum of 2 hours. You must have an extra propane tank otherwise you may run out of propane gas in the middle of BBQ.

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Q – How to check if my propane tank is leaking?

A – It is simple to check the propane tank leak. You can use soapy water or a special leak detector solution to check propane tank leaks. Apply this solution to where the propane tank and regulator connect. Then, open the cylinder valve slowly. You will see bubbles if the propane tank is a leak.

Q – Is there a propane gas detector?

A – Yes, there are many propane gas detectors in the market. The propane gas detector devices are used to detect propane gas leaks. When a propane gas leak is detected, the propane gas detector will emit an audible alert.

Q – What does a propane leak smell like?

A – The propane is naturally odorless. However, a chemical is added that gives it a smell like rotten eggs. A propane leak will smell like rotten eggs.

Final Verdict

It’s simple to unhook propane tank from grill. But, you have to be careful while unhooking the tank. Propane gas can catch fire and it is harmful to breathe as well.

However, it is not toxic gas. But, it will remove the oxygen in your lung if you breathe propane gas. It will make it impossible to breathe. A small amount of propane gas is not harmful.  We hope that this small post will help you to unhook the propane tank from the grill. Don’t forget to check other articles on our site. See you soon till then stay connected…