How to Use a Smoker Tube on a Gas Grill? – Here is How

Who doesn’t what to enjoy the smoky flavor of charcoal or wood grill? Some people can’t enjoy that smoky flavor because of the gas grill. Well, you can enjoy the smoky flavor using a smoker tube on your gas grill. How to use a smoker tube on a gas grill?

There are two ways to get a smoky flavor on the gas grill. Either you can use a smoker box or a smoker tube. If you want to use a smoker box, then we have given a comprehensive article on that topic. Make sure to read it.

The smoker tube is more beneficial than the smoker box. However, both are useful and do their job. But, the smoker tube has an extra benefit.

We will tell you that further in this article. Rather than purchasing a new charcoal or wood grill, it’s better to invest in a smoker tube. Many of us may don’t know about the smoker tube. So before moving forward to the main topic let’s see what is a smoker tube.

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What is a Smoker Tube?

The smoker tubes are vessels made with stainless steel or other metals. There are holes in the smoker tubes for smoking on the gas grill. To use this smoker tube, all you need to do is empty your wood pellets in the tube.

You will use wood chips if you are using a smoker box. The wood pellets used in smoker tubes are more compact and compressed than wood chips. It can produce more smoke than wood chips.

Once you light up the smoke tube using a butane torch, it will start producing smoke. You can any other tool as well for lighting the smoke tube.

t will start producing smoke. You can any other tool as well for lighting the smoke tube

Smoker Box vs. Smoker Tube – Which is better?

As we discussed, both do the same work. But, the smoker tube has some extra advantages. There is a difference in uses and type of wood used in smoker tube and box. The smoker tube uses wood pellets to produce smoke.

On the other side, the smoker box uses wood chips to create smoke. As the wood pellets are more compact they will start producing smoke faster than the wood chips. The wood pellets will burn slowly while producing high temperatures.

The wood chips burn faster than the pellets. You may need to refill the wood box frequently. The wood pellets also ensure even cooking. If you are cooking big slices of meat, then smoker tubes are better.

The smoker tube will burn slowly for a long time. Once you light up, the smoker tube will immediately start producing the smoke. But, the smoker box will take time to produce smoke. Because of these advantages, the smoker tubes are better than the smoker box. Thus, you should prefer a smoker tube instead of a smoker box.

How to Prepare Smoker Tube for Using on Gas Grill?

Here are some steps to prepare the smoker tube.

  • Take a smoker tube of around 12 inches.
  • Take wood pellets in a bowl
  • Make sure to clean and dry the smoker tube before putting the pellets in.
  • After cleaning the smoker tube place the pellets inside the tube.

how to prepare smoker tube

How to Use a Smoker Tube on a Gas Grill?

Now, you are ready to use a smoker tube on the gas grill. Here are the steps to follow.

#Step 1: Prepare the Grill

Preheat the grill for around 15 minutes. Make sure to keep the lid close during this process. After 15 minutes, turn off the burners or keep it on medium settings until you start cooking the food.

#Step 2: Light the Smoker Tube

Now, fill the smoker tube with wood pellets. After that, keep the smoker tube in a vertical position. Then, light up the smoker tube using a butane torch. You can use other tools like a heat gun to light up the smoker tube.

Let the wood pellets burn for around five to six minutes. After that, blow out the flame. You will see the smoker tube will start producing the smoke.

#Step 3: Place the Smoker Tube Inside the Gas Grill

It’s time to place the smoker tube inside the gas grill and start cooking. Turn off the burner before you place the smoker tube. Don’t keep the burner on while the smoker tube is on it. You can turn on the second burner on which you are going to cook food.

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Make sure to place the smoker tube in the horizontal position. Now, close the lid after placing the food on the grill. Don’t keep the tube near the air went otherwise smoke will waste.

How to Use a Smoke Tube on a Gas Grill for Cold Smoking?

There are also three simple steps to use the smoke tube for cold smoking.

#Step 1: Preheat the Grill

Like we did in the previous section, preheat the gas grill for around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes turn off the grill and move to the second step.

#Step 2: Fill the Smoker Tube

Now, fill the smoker tube. Fill more wood pellets if you want to cook longer. After that, use a butane torchlight up the smoker tube and allow it to burn for around 15 minutes. Then, blow the flame.

#Step 3: Place the Smoker Tube and Food Inside the Grill

Place the smoker tube and food inside the grill. Close the lid and let the food cook. After some time, take out the food and enjoy the cold-smoked food.

Final Verdict

Using a smoker tube on a gas grill is easier than using a smoker box. You will need to put a smoker box near the burners to produce smoke. But, with a smoker box, you can keep it anywhere on your grill. Only make sure to not keep it near the air vent.

The smoker tube is better than the smoker box in many aspects. Therefore, it is better to purchase a smoker tube. There are many smoker tubes available. You can check them purchase the best one.

We have tried to describe everything about the smoker tube. We hope now you can easily use a smoker tube on a gas grill. That’s it for now. We will meet you in the next post. Till then be in touch…