How to Use Charcoal on a Gas Grill? – 3 Simple Steps

Is it possible to use charcoal on a gas grill? Yes, it is possible. So how to use charcoal on a gas grill? That’s the reason why we are writing the article. We will try to answer all your question related to this topic. Make sure to read the article till the end to get the answers.

We all prefer gas grills in comparison to charcoal grills. Why? Because the gas grill is easy to use, clean, etc. With the charcoal grill, the grilling process may take extra time and it creates ash that is difficult to clean.

The gas grills can cook faster and serve more people at once. But, we all know that gas grills can’t give that smoky taste of a charcoal grill. That’s why this question raises can we use charcoal on a gas grill to get the smoky flavor. Yes, it is possible to use charcoal on the gas grill.

However, there are some drawbacks of using charcoal on a gas grill. What are the drawbacks of using charcoal on a gas grill?

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Can I Use Charcoal in My Gas Grill?

Well, you can use charcoal in your gas grill. But, you should be aware of the side effects of using charcoal on the gas grill. The heat from charcoal can damage the components of your gas grill.

You may need to replace some parts after using the charcoal grill. The ash of charcoal can damage and clog the burners of the gas grill. It will be a bit difficult to clean clogged gas grill burners. However, it also depends on your gas grill.

Some grills are designed to work with a dual fuel source. But, these dual fuel grills can be expensive. Let me give you an example of napoleon gas grills. The napoleon gas grills give you the option of a charcoal basket.

It allows you to use charcoal as a secondary fuel source. What if I don’t have a dual-fuel grill? Is there any other solution to avoid these small issues? Yes, the charcoal or smoker trays are the best option for using charcoal on the gas grill.

Is it okay to Use a Smoker or Charcoal Box on a Gas Grill?

It’s okay to use a smoker or charcoal box on a gas grill to get the smoky flavor. These charcoal or smoker boxes are usually made with stainless or aluminum. Many recipes suggest using smoker boxes to enhance the flavor of food.

But, you have to be careful while using the smoker or charcoal box. The small amount of ash from charcoal can damage the components of your gas grill. Ash from charcoal can escape into the gas grill burner holes.

However, you can simply clean the burner holes using a small screwdriver or toothpick. But, too much ash will clog all burner holes and you might have to replace the burners. It can also damage the grease management system.

To avoid this type of issue, you should clean your gas grill carefully especially when you have used charcoal or wood.

How to use Charcoal on a Gas Grill?

Here we have given three steps to use charcoal on a gas grill. Let’s check them out.

Step 1: Place wood or charcoal in the box

You can also place wood chips in the smoker box to get a smoky flavor. Both charcoal and wood can give a smoky taste to the food. Most people prefer to use soaked wood chips to avoid fire. 

But, the smoker box only has holes on the top, not on the bottom. Therefore, the wood chips will never catch fire. But, you can use the soaked wood chips. It will take a few more minutes to produce smoke. 

Step 2: Place the smoker box in the gas grill

Now, place the smoker box in the gas grill. Make sure to place the smoker box close to the heat source. After that, turn the burner on to the highest settings. It will make the smoker box hot enough to produce smoke. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes according to the gas grill. 

Step 3: Put the food on the grill

Once the smoker box starts producing the grill, turn burners down to the regular temperatures. Now, put the food on the gas grill and after some minutes the food will be ready with the smoky flavor. 

Should I Purchase Dual-fuel Grills?

If you are a lower of that smoky taste, then you must purchase a grill that can safely use charcoal. But, make sure to follow the manufactures instruction while using charcoal in a dual-fuel grill.

The napoleon grill usually comes with a napoleon charcoal tray. You can put that charcoal tray on the burner after removing the sear plates and grids. After that, you have to turn on the grill until the charcoal glows red.

Once the charcoal is red, you can turn off the burners and cook the food. At last, you can remove the charcoal tray and clean the grill according to the instruction manual. Also, there is no risk of ash from charcoal. You can use wood chips and charcoal together in this charcoal tray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What if the wood chips catch fire?

A – However, there are no chances of fire because the smoker box does not have holes at the bottom. If wood chips catch fire, then it means the temperature is too high. You should try to turn the temperature down. You can use soaked wood chips for safety.

Q – How long do you let the charcoal burn before cooking?

A – You should let charcoal burn until they are covered with white-gray ash. It will take a maximum of 15 minutes.

Q – Cooking in charcoal grill and propane grill which is healthier?

A – According to an article on Healthline, using a charcoal grill can increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, the propane grills are healthier. You can read that article for more information. 

Final Verdict

Using the smoker box or charcoal tray, you can easily use charcoal on a gas grill. Don’t forget to clean your gas grill after using the charcoal.

And never use charcoal directly without the smoker box as the ash can damage other components of your gas grill. We hope the article will help you to use charcoal on a gas grill. Don’t forget to check out our other articles on BBQ grills. That’s it for now. See you soon…

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